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АllatRa Audiobook. Anastasia Novykh. Pages 1-21

The Eternal Wisdom allows the human being to transform himself spiritually and to know the hidden essence of past and future events.” (From the “AllatRa” book)

This is a live encyclopedia of primordial spiritual Knowledge of the world, society, and human being. It does not just speak to everyone about the innermost. It answers the most secret, deeply personal, and disturbing questions that a person hides inside and does not reveal even to the close friends. AllatRa book immerses one into a wonderful state of versatile knowledge of the Truth; it quenches the thirst for the search of the meaning of life from the eternal, vivifying Source. The book gives main keys to the understanding of the processes of both visible and invisible worlds.

It is a foundation of primordial Knowledge for the spiritual awakening and radical transformation of a Person and the society as a whole.

The book AllatRa is the key book by Anastasia Novykh which sets forth fundamental knowledge about the world and the human being. The original of this work, as well as other books by Anastasia Novykh, is written in the Russian language. It must be understood that everything that is subject to translation of these books into other languages is no longer the original as such. These are rather translations of meanings and understandings of the people who make these translations in an attempt to convey this information to others. The truly cognising ones read the book AllatRa only in the original in order to understand not only its primordial meaning but also the impressive power and the spirit of the truth of this book.