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Climate Refugees – Victims and Slaves of the Modern World!

Climate refugees are victims of exploitation and human trafficking. Why has this phenomenon become possible in the 21st century and is only getting worse every year? Why does our society allow the slave trade in the modern world?

Shocking figures for the number of slaves in the modern world. What has changed since the days of transatlantic slavery? What is the most valuable thing that the consumerist model of society takes from us, and why does it make slaves of us all?

Now it’s time for the truth. How does it manifest itself? Why are even politicians already talking about how humanity has gone over the edge?

For What is more time given to us, and what can we do when we unite?

You can watch the full version of the video with the participation of Igor Mikhailovich Danilov “NOT FOR EVERYONE”, a fragment of which is presented in this video

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