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Тhe main winning weapon – the power of thinking and the right to choose

“Why is it impossible for a human being to come to God without internal Love and absolute Faith? Because a human being cannot even become aware of God’s existence before he or she separates spiritual life from material life in his consciousness and gives priority to the spiritual. He or she may read plenty of books, tell nice stories, may play trying on a mask of a highly spiritual person, but secretly desire only material life. A paradox is that a human sees God’s manifestation in some unexplainable phenomenon or event, but is unable to explain it logically. And so such person ejaculates: “It’s a God’s miracle!” and nearly crushes his forehead over the ground experiencing religious ecstasy. Yet, once the ecstasy elapses, the person forgets about God because he or she cannot perceive Him again. Therefore, all humanity’s God-related issues are caused to the fact that peoples sincerely do not want to perceive and understand Him. Why do those rare individuals in different parts of the Earth who have achieved spiritual perfection always tell their followers “believe and proceed”? Because it is impossible to come to God without pure faith. A slightest doubt kills everything. Human brain is unable to realize the entire fullness of God. For this, one should possess doubtless faith. When doubtless faith arises, a person chains up his or her animal nature and becomes more complete spiritually. For some reason people believe it’s very difficult, though there is nothing difficult in this at all. All the difficulty lies in simplicity. One should simply put the matter out of account with all its despicable thoughts, and should not allow bad thoughts at the territory of one’s consciousness as if checking them on a customs control. By its nature, the matter must bother you all the time, must harass you and shout that all the spiritual is nonsense while it is such a sweetie in such a beautiful wrapper! For this “sweetie”, it doesn’t matter at all whether it tastes good or bad to you in reality. Its main task is to create an outward appearance, an illusion of an “objective” reality for you to picture a “wonderful life” awaiting you once you believe it. It is a normal and, I’d say, a professional job of Lucifer. Figuratively, he’s a good programmer who has invented a game for humans with numerous material labyrinths and temptations on the way to their spiritual goal. Whoever wins the game will be able to come to God safely. And it’s not Lucifer’s fault that people have come to love his virtual material reality more than God, because in this game every human possesses the main winning weapon – the power of thinking and the right to choose. And it’s exactly the human who bears full responsibility for every choice in his or her life. If one has chosen a life of the matter’s slave, he or she will continue languishing in the reincarnation up to the moment of a complete “game over”. Whereas, if one wants to become free and to live a true life in Love, he or she will be able to escape from the matter labyrinth with dignity. “The whole point is that, the higher a person succeeds to rise spiritually, the more powerfully and positively he or she will be able to influence upon disorganized material substances. The true repentance is when a person finishes the illusion game and starts to live in the right way, according to the spiritual world laws. Yet, if you are unable to live in the right way over your mind weakness, then at least choose a game worthy for a Human.”

From the book “Ezoosmos” by A. Novykh  

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