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What unites all people?

Qualitative changes in society require a change of mindset of the people themselves who make up this society. All this assumes an innovative way of thinking as well as an innovative culture and behaviour which are, moreover, introduced at the initiative of society itself. Although, in fact, everything new is a wellforgotten old. People have long dreamt of creating an ideal equitable society, where freedom and equality would reign. But priests and politicians use this desire of the peoples, including it into their promises but in reality, doing everything to prevent this from happening. So this “equality” actually has always been a formality, even after priests and politicians provoked favourable to them social upheavals, reforms, and revolutions, as well as changes of one religion, party, or social order for another. It is easy to notice that the outcome of such disturbances is always the same: priests and politicians once again create a management hierarchy (the elite with privileges); that is, the situation in society, does not actually change. In fact, only the advertising sign, the name of a social system, or a dominant religion changes. Perhaps, this happens because people have long forgotten what true equality and freedom are.

People look at tree tops, but they do not see the roots. And the bottom line is this: all people are equal and, first of all, when it comes to the conditions of imprisonment in this material world, in the characteristics of their spiritual and animal natures, the transience of their lives, and the temporariness of their stay in this world! All people are born and die alone and all have their own spiritual destiny, which they themselves form with their own choice. All people are kind by their Spiritual nature because everyone has a Soul, and in this sense, everyone is kindred and very affined to each other, for Souls are united, they are from the world of God. And this unites all people, regardless of the social status, place of residence, religious beliefs, and nationality of their bodies.

From the book “AllatRa” by A. Novykh

AllatRa TV

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