What is true love in its highest sense?

What can each of us do to be truly happy? What is unconditional, true Love or Divine Love and what is manipulation? What are they based on?

– Why is there such a notion that love is suffering and a tragedy filled with worries and emotions?
– Why is this happening?
– Where does the true meaning of love get distorted?

“Everybody strives to be loved: by people, by God..
But where are YOU? Where is YOUR love?”

Why do people describe Love as boundless? Can you imagine a world where there are no negative emotions? What’s the difference between earthly “love” and spiritual Love?

Through our consciousness, we understand “love” as affection, responsibility and so on. But what is behind this? What is manipulation and why are elements of manipulation always present in a relationship between people?

In people’s minds there is a stereotype that “love” is suffering, a tragedy filled with worries and emotions. Who wants us to think this way and why?

Have you ever thought why women want the attention of all men and vice versa, men want the attention of all women. Why do people strive to be loved?

What is the foundation of happiness for all families? How can even one person in the family who embarked on the spiritual path make it stronger? What values are the most important for a spiritually free person?

What are thoughts? Can they influence our life?
Why do people do bad things to each other and even to themselves? Can we avoid this? Can we stop hurting our loved ones and friends? Why have wars been going on for millenia (centuries), despite the existence of religions?

What is a demon and what is an Angel? How can a person understand whose side he is on?

“A free person remains free even in prison, while a slave of one’s consciousness remains a slave even on the outside.”

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