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4 Million People Evacuated → Typhoons Hagibis, Mitag → Japan, Korea. Fires → USA

ALLATRA TV reporters from around the world honestly and truthfully cover the climate events that are shaking the entire planet and are already changing the lives of millions of people.

Watch in this episode:

Super typhoon “Hagibis” hit Japan. This is the strongest typhoon in Japan since 1958.

Typhoon Mitag: China, Taiwan, South Korea, Japan

Floods in India and Pakistan.

The wave of earthquakes around the world.

Ground dips India, China, USA. Italy, Indonesia.

Pavel Kalenda – geophysicist and seismologist from the Czech Republic in the interview for ALLATRA TV spoke about the prediction of earthquakes, warning the world community about the disaster. Why people don’t get information that could save thousands of lives? And what can we do as the world community?

Actor Christopher Lambert shared his view on the issue of climate change in an interview for ALLATRA TV. About the readiness of people now to help each other and to be human.

People from all over the world responded to the initiative of creating a nationwide platform for informing each other about what is happening with the climate. Allatra TV receives letters from different parts of the world, in different languages.

Climate as seen by eyewitnesses is an opportunity for prompt and truthful coverage of climate events without intermediaries.
Looking at what is happening around the world today, we understand that we do not have time to find out who is right and who is to blame. We, all the people of the world need to start to take an action together for the benefit of all humanity.

International online conference “SOCIETY. THE LAST CHANCE. CLIMATE”. The public debunks the myth of the anthropogenic factor and raises acute questions about the unpreparedness of society for global climate change on Earth. A constructive society is the only chance for the survival of all of humanity.

“if there is at least one chance, we have to take it, and we have to take it together”

– I.M. Danilov.

AllatRa TV

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