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8th Day Of Life | The Event That Makes Us Human

In all world religions, references to the eighth day after the birth of a child have been preserved. On this day, the main sacrament takes place, and the newborn human acquires its main difference from the animal. On this day, the Soul enters the human body, and from it, its projection is formed – the personality and the antipode of the personality – the secondary consciousness or intellect. Throughout his subsequent life, a human develops in this structure, constantly choosing between the spiritual and the material, and his after-death fate directly depends on this main choice of Personality.

How the after-death fate of a human is formed, in detail about scientific evidence of the spiritual-material structure of a human, the presence of a Soul, Personality and consciousness outside the body, facts about reincarnation, watch the international online conference “Life after death. Fictions and Facts”.


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