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A Fly or an Elephant?

What nefarious schemes against humanity, against people, have the radical extremist sect of the so-called “Keepers” been using for millennia? How do they act and influence people’s minds? What “Overton windows” do people, including participants of the Creative Society project, have to face in various provincial towns? Why do we not see the elephant behind the fly — the Architects who rule this consumerist world?

Why have the Architects of this world made a mistake: a mistake about time and about their dreams? El whom they await will never exist again. The climate Cerberus is in the world. The Keepers have created a lot of temples in this world in the hopes of ruling our minds and hearts. But their current actions are so destructive that if we don’t find in ourselves the freedom if we don’t find God, the aspiration for life, and the strength to fulfill what Jesus Christ wanted and what the best of men, the Prophet Mohammed, wanted if we don’t unite, neither we nor the temples will remain in this world.

Can we change everything? Yes, friends, together we can change everything. We can build the Creative Society, where we will have a future with such conditions for everyone that every action can only be aimed at improving life. We are all one big family, and each of us deserves to live, to live as a Human Being.

Videos with Igor Mikhailovich Danilov

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