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A Hope for the Last Ones

Will humanity be able to unite and build the Creative Society? Will Muslims all over the world be able to become one united Ummah of the Prophet? Will people be able to save and change the world? After all, the Prophet had such hope for the Last Ones — those who will live in the End Times. Why did Islam quickly become divided after the Prophet had left? Why do some modern Muslims not perceive the Prophet, are jealous, envious of the Prophet, and hold a grudge against the Prophet? Why is Nazism and division still predominant in the human community nowadays? Who benefits from that? Will we have the courage to face the Truth with an open heart and change the world for the better? Why is the climate problem so acute nowadays? Why is the hound of the Prophet, the climate Cerberus (Dabbat al-Ard), rampant in our times?

If people listened to their Prophets and followed the Knowledge that the Prophets had brought into the world, we would have built the Creative Society long ago.

Videos with Igor Mikhailovich Danilov


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