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A person’s innate talent is a great responsibility

Anastasia: …I’ve met people who by their nature have, it can be said, innate leadership qualities. Practically since their childhood, they have felt the inner power, thanks to which they can influence people and foresee events. By the way, how can one explain such innate power in a person? Can it somehow be connected to the person’s previous life?

Rigden: Cases can certainly vary. However, if we speak of a person’s innate talent, this means that in a past incarnation of this Soul, the Personality developed spiritually and achieved certain results in self-development and in understanding of this world. In other words, there was a good leap in the spiritual growth, but it wasn’t enough for leaving the system of Ahriman, for breaking the cycle of rebirths. Nevertheless, in a new life, a new Personality with such a Soul has certain advantages in comparison with other people. Human is born with a great energy potential which, if used properly, contributes to faster spiritual growth of the Personality and gives it real chances to merge with the Soul and leave the circle of rebirths.

There are many such talented people. They feel that they are different from everyone. Since childhood, such people are quite sociable, have leadership qualities, the innate gift of influencing people, a certain level of sensitivity to events, and manifestations of subtle energies, etc. However, there is another category of people with a great potential. In childhood, as a result of conditions they got into, they grow up withdrawn, distanced from the outside world. And only later on, as adults, they develop their full potential.

Anastasia: Obviously, such a gift is a great responsibility?

Rigden: Yes, and first of all, for the person himself. Those born with great spiritual potential should understand that there will be an equally strong opposition from the Animal nature’s side and it will do everything to use this power for its own purposes. If Knowledge which explains these moments is lacking in the society, if numerous thinking patterns are set, like traps, in the format of the Animal nature, then such gifted people, following priorities of the society, start spending their unique power on implementation of programmes of the Animal nature.

They notice that they can solve certain seemingly difficult issues quite easily. They understand that they have influence over others; it is easy for them to be leaders in any group. But without proper Knowledge of themselves, as a rule, they start using their gift either for selfish purposes to implement programs of their Animal nature or in general for the system which exists within a programme of the Animal mind. Thus, they become absorbed in matter, choose it more often, and develop this direction in their lives. Thus the Animal mind deceives them. The Animal nature activates in a person, a subtle substitution of the spiritual vector of life for the material one occurs, and this innate power is spent in favour of the Animal mind. In very rare cases, such gifted people, overcoming strong opposition of their Animal nature, become, for instance, spiritual leaders (I mean not those who possess religious power over people, but those who truly follow the spiritual path, really helping others develop spiritually and free their consciousness from the captivity of matter). But mostly, they use this gift to build a career for themselves, gain power, to accumulate material possessions, and so on.

As a rule, such people become leaders in society: some become public figures, others become businessmen, still others turn into crime lords, etc. Sometimes, they simply surprise the people around them who cannot understand how and why it happens this way in life when a clearly “intellectually weak” person, in their opinion, one without higher education, builds a financial “empire” which has an enormous influence? In fact, this person simply has a great inner potential and a narrowed consciousness which is directed towards material priorities because the Animal nature constantly dominates in him. If such a person broadened his horizons and chose spiritual priorities in life, that is, if he radically changed his inner direction of movement from negative to positive, then he would be able to achieve much in his spiritual development. Consciously transforming himself for the better, for the spiritual, he has more than a realistic chance of achieving spiritual liberation and leaving the circle of reincarnations already in this lifetime. Although every living person, by the way, has such a chance. It is a personal choice, purposefulness, self-development, and his perseverance of spiritual goal that play the decisive role here. I emphasise that such changes are connected solely with the transformation of a person’s inner world. If a person tries to change their external conditions without changing internally, that will not do any good.

Anastasia: I guess, like the most people when they are left alone, such people, too, feel the burden of matter and everyday problems from time to time. They obviously understand that everything they have achieved on the walk of life is not genuine, it is not the result which their “Soul desired”, and that all this is mundane and superficial… Does it happen that the Animal nature completely seizes power over such gifted people?

Rigden: It does. But in such cases, these people turn into really selfish aggressive mutants – there is no other name for such creatures… But this only goes to prove that subpersonalities have practically no influence over which vector of his or her own development the new Personality chooses during life. Let us put it this way: even if the subpersonality had achieved significant spiritual heights back in its day and all it lacked was only one step to Nirvana (the final escape from the circle of rebirths), this does not mean that the subsequent Personality will make this step. As a rule, the opposite usually happens since such Personalities (with a spiritually evolved subpersonality) are exposed to more attention from the Animal mind already in early childhood. As a result, instead of continuing their development in the spiritual direction and achieving the final fusion with the Soul, that is, spiritual liberation (escape to Nirvana), these people waste their gift, their valuable power, “inherited” from the previous Personality, on an illusion imposed by the Animal nature. In the end, instead of the intended leap forward in the spiritual sense, the person falls back, thus burdening his Personality and the Soul. Naturally, he ends up in the reincarnation circle again, only in much worse conditions this time. And, as a fact, this Personality will have to experience death, become a subpersonality, and then suffer in new bodies for a very long time because of his “fatal mistake”.

From the book “AllatRa” by A. Novykh


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