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A Step Towards Perfection

When a person embarks on the spiritual path, he begins to observe himself, all the tricks of consciousness, his own reactions, and how he gets involved to the dictation of consciousness where he shouldn’t get involved. It’s impossible to physically see or touch consciousness, but it manipulates a person himself, perverts his life and radically changes his mood, instantly at that. And that’s merely consciousness. Therefore, it’s important to study and control consciousness. After all, uncontrolled consciousness slowly kills a person, whereas consciousness taken under strict control opens up tremendous opportunities for him.

In this video, the first part of an ancient practice is given, which is good for people involved in intellectual work, be it a scientist, an accountant, or someone who, due to certain life circumstances, is forced to think a lot and exploit his consciousness. The essence of this practice is for a person to learn to look at his or her capabilities more broadly, to understand what consciousness and perception are, and to learn to work with one’s consciousness. This practice enables a person to learn how to properly invest the power of his attention, properly use his energy and resources, properly control his consciousness, and attain the necessary result if he wants it.

Videos with Igor Mikhailovich Danilov


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