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A subpersonality is a former Personality from a past life

Anastasia: That means that a subpersonality is a Personality just like you which was active in the past incarnations of your Soul.

Rigden: Yes. In other words, it is a former Personality from a past life with all the baggage of sensory and emotional dominants (positive or negative ones) which it accumulated during its lifetime; that is, with the result of its choice during life.

The Personality, as a rule, does not have a direct connection with subpersonalities; therefore, the person does not remember his previous lives and, accordingly, the experience and the knowledge gained by these subpersonalities. However, in rare cases when certain circumstances overlap, the Personality may experience a vague feeling of déjà vu or short-term spontaneous manifestations of the activity of the latest subpersonality (the one which precedes the current incarnation). This is particularly typical for people in early childhood.

There are cases, which have been recorded in papers on psychiatry, when children, in whom no deviations have been observed and who have healthy parents, manifest short-term unnatural behaviour akin to borderline personality disorder. I will give one of such examples. A four-year-old girl started having one and the same dream: against the background of light, a boy was calling her to approach him, but he wouldn’t let her go into the light. She started complaining to her parents about this dream which was depressing her, and in the evenings she started behaving in an unpredictable, aggressive way which had previously been unusual for her. She would also become unusually strong. The four-year-old girl would angrily turn over tables, chairs, a heavy bedside-table; she would not recognise her mother, would throw a fit, and say in an accusatory way: “You’re not my mother”, “You will die anyway”, and so on. That is, the girl’s words and behaviour were unnatural for her but they were quite natural for a subpersonality that had gone through reincarnation and was then in the state of “hell”, experiencing suffering and animal pain. The next day, the child would become normal again and behave as usual. This is a typical example of a short-term manifestation of negativism of the previous subpersonality. The best thing that can be done in this case is to actively develop the child’s intellect, expand his or her horizons of knowing the world, and wait until the primary surge takes place and a new Personality forms.

The primary surge happens, as a rule, by the time a person is 5-7 years old. The fact is that in early childhood, prior to the primary surge, such a short-term activation of the previous Personality (subpersonality) may indeed take place. The latter, while a new Personality is forming, is trying to get to the consciousness and seize power over the person.

However, other cases of manifestation of a subpersonality are much more frequent. This is when children aged 3-5 (during the period when a new Personality has not yet been formed) begin to talk from the position of an adult, experienced person. In rare cases, there may be detailed descriptions of their previous adult lives which are in fact impossible to know at such an age. More often though, a child speaks unexpectedly wisely about something, expressing unchildlike thoughts, and sometimes this mystically frightens adults. Parents should not be afraid of such manifestations; instead, they should simply understand their nature. Once a child’s personality is formed, such manifestations will pass.

So, every subpersonality preserves the individuality of its past consciousness in the form of the desires and aspirations which dominated it during its active life. The Personality, as I have already said, has no direct connection with subpersonalities; that is, a person does not consciously remember his or her previous lives. However, such a connection between the Personality and subpersonalities is preserved at the subconscious level. The latter may indirectly influence the Personality and “push” it to certain actions, inclining it towards making certain decisions. This happens on an unconscious level. On top of that, subpersonalities, figuratively speaking, are like “misty light filters”, which considerably hinder the direct connection between the Soul and the new Personality; so, to speak, between the source of the Light and the one who needs it.

Anastasia: “Misty light filters”? That’s a very interesting comparison.

Rigden: Perhaps, I will talk about this in more detail. But it is necessary to understand that all these processes take place at the level of energies; therefore, I will use figurative comparisons for ease of perception. So, subpersonalities are located around the Soul and one can imagine them as… “intelligent” nebulas. On one hand, they are located close to the Soul and experience the influence of this powerful antimaterial structure; so, to speak, the nearness of “the breath of Eternity”, “the presence of a particle from the world of God”. On the other hand, subpersonalities experience a strong influence and pressure of dense material structures of the Animal nature. That is, subpersonalities are squeezed between the two powerful forces of the spiritual and the material worlds. They constantly feel this enormous pressure from both sides. Therefore, each subpersonality becomes a kind of a “light filter” along the journey of the present Personality to connect with the Soul. The level of “dimming” of such a “light filter subpersonality” depends on the dominant life choices and preferences as well as the sensory and emotional priorities that were accumulated in its past life.

For example, if in his past life, a person was good and kind and did much for his spiritual development but not enough to finally escape from the material world, then this subpersonality will be more at peace and will have fewer vibrations. It means that the energy and impulses from the Soul will pass better through such a “light filter”. However, if a person has wasted his past life on the priorities of material values, then such a “light filter subpersonality” will be denser in its structure due to higher vibrations; in other words, the transmission capacity of, say, “the light” coming out of the Soul will be much worse. This can associatively be compared to a glass soiled with soot, through which true light gets distorted or penetrates less. In other words, the more the Animal side dominated a person during his life and the more material values prevailed, the harder time he will have afterwards since he will be the bearer of a greater level of distortion. If there are many such subpersonalities with dense “light filters”, then it is very difficult for the now living Personality to fight his or her Animal nature, it is difficult to turn from the path of material dominants and feel the Soul.

Anastasia: This means that such a person is kind of more bogged down in matter, and it is more difficult for him or her to change the life vector towards the spiritual development?

Rigden: Yes. However, it is never too late for anyone, even for such a person, to reverse the situation, since the Personality has life force and the right of choice… Otherwise, the same fate that his subpersonalities are currently experiencing, awaits him. By the way, it is precisely the experience of subpersonalities that indirectly results in manifestations of the fear of death in a person at a subconscious level. What subpersonalities feel in a new Personality is, in fact, a real “hell” for them, speaking in language of religion. After the death of the physical body, the Personality, which becomes a subpersonality, gains its own experience and understanding of what the material world really is, what the Soul is, and what the importance of the latter is for the human being. But in the structure of a new body, the subpersonality is already in a desperate position of a chained mind that understands everything, feels a strong sensory and emotional pain, but cannot do anything including sharing its experience with the new Personality. It is equivalent to the situation when you are locked in a body but this body does not serve your mind, does not obey you, and does not do what you order it to do. That is, it does not serve you at all and lives on its own. You are aware of all this but cannot do anything about it – you only sense the incredibly awful pressure, the same mistakes made by the new Personality again, and an understanding of your own inability to change the direction of the vector of consumption of life energy. By the way, human fears, such as, for instance, the fear of closed spaces, arise exactly from this. The roots of the main causes of the appearance of such distorted spatial perception, which engender the deepest feeling of fear and panic in a person, are connected with the sector of human structure in which subpersonalities are located.

Why, for example, are people attracted by the appeals to live in the body forever, used by many sects and religions?

Psychologists usually attribute this to the secret human desire that arises in response to the irrational fear of death (thanatophobia). This phobia has certain behavioural manifestations, the aim of which is either to avoid the subject of the phobia or to reduce the fear of it by means of some actions (adhering to religious rules and rituals as well as showing increased interest in such information as, for example, “eternal life in the body” and so on). That is, a person kind of hides behind all this from his unsolvable internal conflict generated by irrational fear which is also usually accompanied by a sense of foreboding. Where do such forebodings and such fear come from? From the subconscious, and this is connected with the oppressive sensory and emotional state of subpersonalities which already have a practical understanding of what death and reincarnation are. Figuratively speaking, the desire to live “in the body forever” is present in man because of the fear of inaccessibility of Eternity to subpersonalities which means their inevitable and final death. This is just one of the desires of the Animal nature and its substitution (at the subconscious level) for aspirations of the Soul.

Anastasia: What if a person manages to develop spiritually during his life to such a level that as a spiritual, mature Personality, he will be able to get out of the cycle of rebirths? What happens to subpersonalities then?

Rigden: They are simply annihilated. After all, it is merely an information structure.

Anastasia: Regardless of whether these subpersonalities were good or bad Personalities in previous lives?

Rigden: Figuratively speaking, there can be no “good” (in your understanding) subpersonalities if the Personality has become a subpersonality. The Personality can consciously develop spiritually and, having merged with the Soul, become free within a single life! In reality, everything is simple; if a person tried to develop in the spiritual direction during this life but didn’t try hard enough, then in the next life a new Personality will have better conditions. This will expand the opportunities for its spiritual growth but will also increase the resistance of the Animal nature. Again, everything (continuation or cessation of sufferings of subpersonalities as well as the fate of the Soul and of the Personality itself) will depend on the individual choice of the already new Personality.

Anastasia: It means that the subpersonality is just an information structure?

Rigden: Yes. Any matter, including the human being, is just an information wave. What is in front of you – for example, a planet or a bacterium, a chair or a human being – depends exactly on the information that has been put in it. But inside a human, there is a Soul which distinguishes him from any other matter.

Anastasia: Can the Soul be called an information particle?

Rigden: No. The Soul does not belong to the material world; it comes from a completely different world – the world of Eternity… However, man, in terms of his entire multidimensional structure in the material world (including his Animal nature), as I have already said, is exactly an information wave. The Soul is what is real in man; it is the main component, upon which the entire structure is centred! Everything else is just additional information for development. After the spiritual Personality matures, and the Personality merges with the Soul (spiritual liberation), this information is simply dedifferentiated; that is, it ceases to exist as an organised structure.

From the book “AllatRa” by A. Novykh

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