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Abnormal Weather in China. The Report for Climate Breaking News on ALLATRA TV

The strongest tornado. Heavy rainfall and floods.


  • The evacuation of more than a million people in Japan due to the threat of flooding
  • Landslides
  • Typhoon Danas had made serious damage

Mohinur, a climate reporter from China about climate changes:

After living in China for three years, I witnessed tremendous changes in the seasons. The first year the weather was usual, as it should be. But later, with each season, indicators grew, resulting in abnormal events, such as extremely hot summers, unusually cold winters, and heavy rains along with strong  layers of smog covering the city. Today, being an eyewitness to this whole anomaly, I can confidently say that in spite of climate change, we, as people, must take care of our relationships and ties and must not forget about our responsibility to humanity.

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