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About a Cup of Coffee

About spiritual practice and the fire of endless Love: how to ignite this Love in oneself and incessantly support it in oneself? What is the difference between focusing attention within oneself and on oneself? What is perception through feelings in spiritual practice? How to learn not to pay attention to consciousness in spiritual practice, but to discover this practice by means of perception through feelings?

“What is true Life? It means not to lose the feeling of joy and love despite everything that’s going on around you. Why? Because you can do that only when you realize that your body is mortal, that everything around you is finite, while there is Life Eternal. And you long for this Life Eternal. When your entire attention and your entire human essence is focused on attaining Life. That’s when you will succeed in everything. And then nothing will hinder you.” “You should become Personality, you should liberate yourself from all the dictators in your head and really go to God. While you can come to God only through Love.” We can carry Love through our entire day without spilling it on consciousness, we should just do our best.


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