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An epoch-making video which changes the destiny of people, nations and humanity. Unique primordial Knowledge about the Holy Spirit and His crucial role in the spiritual evolution of a human and humankind. How to gain the Holy Spirit in oneself? How to separate in oneself the dead from the Alive?
How to start Living and gain the REAL self? Interesting information about Islam, Christianity, and Buddhism. What Truth unites all world religions and all true believ ers?

The video reveals the deepest spiritual essence and the meaning of every person’s life. It is a concluding video thanks to which you have a new look at events and facts, at the essence and meaning, Knowledge and Love granted by God through the Holy Spirit, and that valuable, deepest, conscious and vitally important which is an awakening for every person with a spiritual thirst, a source of inspiration and strengthening for the one who follows the spiritual path. Love and Gratitude — such an unearthly feeling arises when you watch this unique video, the living pearl of infinite God’s Love!

Note: In 2020, the Unity video (released in 2015) with the participation of Igor Mikhailovich Danilov has been reconstructed on The video is designed anew and includes short videos God is One, Joint Veneration of the Virgin Mary and the Archangel Gabriel in Christianity, About God’s Love in Cultures of the World, About the AllatRa Sign in Different Cultures and Religions of the World. The video also includes certain fragments of the 2015 video version as well as fragments that were not included in the initial video Unity.
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