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About the Spiritual World

Life in the Spiritual World. What is the Spiritual World, the World of diversity and infinite Love, where no moment is repeated? The paradoxes of life in the Spiritual World: dynamics in statics. Why is the World of God eternal, while the world of the Universe (matter) is limited and finite? How does the Universe (material world) come into being and disappear? Why are there no boundaries in the Spiritual World? Why in the Spiritual World can nothing grow old, disappear, or be destroyed? Why does the perfect Spiritual World create what is imperfect (the material world)? How does a constant inflow of new Angels into the Spiritual World take place? Why has it been said since antiquity that “God is omnipresent”? What is the True permanent Life, and how does it differ from temporary and finite existence? How does the energy of Allat (a drop of Allat, God’s Love) create life in the world of matter? How are Personality, consciousness (primary and secondary ones), and the energy structure of a human formed? Why is the spiritual path a person’s own merit, and there can be no intermediary here?

Service to the Spiritual World. What is the difference between those who genuinely serve the Spiritual World and those who size up the world for themselves in terms of how much “God loves them”? What is the difference and the watershed between Life and death? What is the inner fire of God’s Love? The truth about the inextinguishable lamp and the descending holy fire. Where does the holy fire come from, and who lights it? What is “the fire that gives Life eternal”? What is Love in the World of Eternity? There is only one way to God — through Love.

How can we scientifically prove the artificiality of our consciousness? Where is consciousness, and where is Personality from a dimensional perspective? Why doesn’t consciousness understand the nature of the Spiritual World? How does God’s Love differ from what we call “love”? The value of attention, its investment and distribution. How can dimensions be studied with a tool — consciousness?

What is the tunnelling effect (the ability of astral travel), and what possibilities does it open up? The practice of tunnelling: its features, goals, and objectives. Why does memory work without failing перуку? The déjà vu effect — the effect of Personality’s awakening. How does it work? Why can some people look into the future, and why does this happen? About the invisible world that is beyond usual perception.

bout a new project to study the invisible world and proving the existence of life after death. How can the Pyramid device be used scientifically and practically to obtain evidence of a person’s after-death existence, learn about the states of subpersonalities, and come to an understanding of the importance of a person’s spiritual choice? How can one enter into resonance with active subpersonalities (maintain contact and exchange information with a recently deceased person — a subpersonality)? Who is more dangerous to people: the dead or the living? How can a person get rid of the fear of death? Benefits, peculiarities, and cautions at the stages of organization and implementation of this project.

Video “About the Spiritual World”: original answers to eternal questions.


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