Agapit Pechersky: acts of global scale and of universal significance

Praise be to the Most High Lord, today we have the Knowledge, through which we are aware that more than a thousand years ago the Holy Spirit was in the body of Agapit of Pechersky! And the whole importance of the Agapits’ actions, which laid the foundation for the spiritual revival of all mankind, becomes understandable.

Today we are witnessing the spiritual awakening of many people on the globe – and the basis for this process was laid in the distant 11th century by Agapit of Pechersky. Everyone who wants to know the true story of Agapit has such an opportunity because of the second volume of the book “Sensei” by the author Anastasia Novykh.

Truly the ways of the Lord are inscrutable! More than 1000 years ago in the land of the Slavic lived and as the bee worked the Man with the Angel instead of the Soul. His acts are incalculable and immeasurable by human standards: the dissemination of Truth, spiritual help to a multitude of people. The fact that Agapit inscribed the Grail Signs on the stones left in the caves of Jerusalem served as the birth of the Order of the Templars and contributed to the great spiritual splash that was caused by the presence and activity of this Order on the world stage. You can also recall the visits of Agapit to the East, to Athos, to Byzantium, each of which had a huge impact on world history. For example, to the world-famous scientist and poet Omar Khayyam, knowledge was transferred by one of the students of Agapit, and it was that knowledge that Khayyam relied on in his scientific works. Agapit contributed to the erection of the spiritual pearl of the Slavic world – the Cathedral of Sofia, as a consequence many, many people received spiritual and physical health here. And, at last, the most important – Agapit has laid the foundation for the spiritual revival of all mankind and the salvation of civilization!

It was in the city of Kiev that the revival of the Aboriginal Knowledge began – and the solemn procession of Truth continues now throughout the globe! It was Agapit Pechersky who initiated this process more than 1000 years ago.

The above mentioned deeds and the countless number of those that we do not know about – all these words testify to the colossal influence that the Personality of Agapit had on the development of world history. Undoubtedly, all this deserves the highest praise and the most sincere gratitude. But this is not what the One who is in Love, He who serves the Most High, He who saw how this Universe was born is waiting from us! As for gratitude, the best way to express it, is to work on yourself, sincerely follow Truth, and also the dissemination of this Knowledge. Thus, we can take a part in the realization of the plan of the Great Companion, the plan that Agapit himself began to implement more than 10 centuries ago.

Agapit is an example of selfless devotion to the Most High and gratuitous help to people!

It is this kind of unique and significant examples that should be sung in a society aimed at creation and prosperity. There is a French proverb: “You need to think in your head to be a hero so that in life you do not become a villain.” If we rephrase it, it will be like this: we need to take an example from Agapit and strive to transform ourselves spiritually in order to become a worthy person in life.

Consciousness of some people may object: that, supposedly, the Spirit himself was in Agapit, and I am just an ordinary person. How can I be the same? But the point is that everyone is unique, and there is no need to copy someone, but it is important and necessary to be inspired by the actions of Agapit. If to align yourself to the most worthy example of Agapit, then a person has more chances to become a real Human. To better convey the idea, let me give you an example. Once Leo Tolstoy during a personal conversation with a young artist gave him such an advice:

In life, as in the river, when we approach the shore, we need to aim a little higher than the berth, and the current will carry us lower, just the way it should be. It is necessary to aim higher, and life itself will place in order.

Life is an ascent to the top! The aspiration to peak is laid in us, and the most important is how high we set our goal and how hard we work for its achievement.

Today, the Primordial Knowledge is brought back into the world, and each of us has a unique opportunity to join to their inexhaustible Wisdom and share Truth with all people, becoming an active conductor of the Will of the Spiritual World! The knowledge set forth in the books of Anastasia Novykh, is the purest source from which each sufferer can quench his spiritual thirst – and therefore they are priceless. Everyone who shares them with people is valuable to the Spiritual world and is visible to God. For the sake of the Love of God, it is worth every effort to spread the Light of Primordial Knowledge, for this Knowledge is a gift from heaven. Our choice of following Truth is the guarantee of the salvation of human civilization! Indeed, nothing is more important and significant than the spread of knowledge, because without them everything else, all the “highest” achievements and technological progress of civilization have absolutely no significance.

Thanks to Primordial Knowledge, each person gets a Chance, because he knows that the Star lives in him! And if he makes a choice in favor of the spiritual, then this Star will exalt him to the starry sky – and there is no other Happiness! Realizing and accepting the significance and importance of the Primordial Knowledge for the salvation of oneself and all people, everyone can devote himself to a good and noble deed – their spread. This is the most godly expression of gratitude to the Lord for His boundless Grace and Love for all of us!

Absolute devotion to the Lord, serving Him alone and selfless, immortal, sincere help to people – that was the main thing in the life of Agapit Pechersky. It is these values ​​that should be elevated to the priority in life and in each of us. It is the spiritual that must be the cornerstone! And if more people will exist who align themselves to Agapit as an example, those whom He will motivate and inspire, the sooner our civilization will come to Prosperity!

Holy week with Agapit of Pechersky
The Unmercenary Healer!

Who will go to the Lavra on Holy week,
He will find his peace for the Soul,
And all the following year,
If, praying, he was not proud,
It will truly feel such grace,
That Agapit can bestow,
After all, the Holy Spirit was in the human body itself,
And that is his gracious, the unmercenary hand,
Performed the Will of the Creator, healed the body and soul.

Oh, people, disbelieve unbelievers, open your ears:
It is said in one wise book that it is not easy,
If you value your spiritual destiny,
Surrendering to the inner call,
The worldly forgetting, go to bow to the Holy Spirit,
Mourn our actions before the face of the Lord,
It is humanity at the verge….

We do not know how many days remain,
Pray for forgiveness for your Soul,
For such a chance is not always given,
And the Court will not be avoided by anyone!

Life flies quickly, like a dream,
Do not be conquered by an illusion,
You will rejoice the Lord with sincere entreaty –
Will help to pass the path of earthly way,
All worldly goods will remain in the world,
From here, like you, I will not take anything,
Each of the former and present kings,
All the riches left at the last door,
No one has escaped the answer and will not escape in the future,
To everyone for the lived will be fully compensated,
In this life there is only one asset,
To merge with your Soul!

Dare, human, from February 25,
The holy week begins,
When given a chance to everyone
Sacraments for all important!

Reach – and with it in the heart to live,
So that the thread grows stronger,
That binds us to Jehovah the Creator,
And to be crowned with Him.


Author: Elchin Ahmedov, member of  “ALLATRA IPM “

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