Kaleidoscope of facts

Aliens Are Ready to Do Anything to Get It!

What is so valuable that we, humans, can give to a high-tech race of alien beings? What do they want from us?

We seem to have completely forgotten that each of us has a source of pure energy that underlies the entire universe.

  • What is this Vril power, which is the most valuable currency in the Universe?
  • What opportunities does it unlock in the material world?
  • How did the Apexians collect and use this power?
  • How are religions and temples connected with alien beings?
  • How can we deal with all the problems on the planet and protect ourselves from cosmic threats?

The answers to these questions have already been found!

Watch the full video of “The Code of Gods. Extraterrestrial Civilizations and Their Impact on our History | Kaleidoscope of Facts 26 

Video with the participation of Igor Mikhailovich Danilov “Code of the Apexians” 



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