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Allat – twice a day for 12 minutes

…If everyone on the Earth prayed at the same time at least twice per day for the other people… not for themselves, but for the others… Let everyone pray to his own God. Because God, essentially, is one and souls’ longing for Him is the same. Even if you are an atheist, then simply wish happiness and good to all the people at that time, but in all sincerity, with all your heart. Those who know how to practice meditation, may meditate at that time with a sincere feeling of joy, wishing everyone good and Love. But if all the people do it at the same time, at least one allat per day, – Sensei immediately corrected himself, – that is, twelve minutes, then I ensure you that during the next 3 allats, that is 36 minutes, no person would die on the Earth.”

“You mean that if we synchronize people’s spiritual burst then we really can influence not only society’s union on the spiritual base, but also the world events?” said Nikolai Andreevich with admiration.

“Even more. If all people on the Earth practice this at least twice per day for 12 minutes, emitting such a positive impulse into the world around, then the world would change very fast for the better. Even the nature would become much more favorable to the mankind… Because nowadays a huge amount of people emit every day a lot of negative emotions – evil, hatred, craving for revenge. However, all this is not simply psychic emotion but, first of all, it’s a destructive energy. But everything is in hands of people, especially now, when the times of Crossroads are coming near.”

”What does it mean, the times of Crossroads?”

“These are the times of general human choice. These are the times of changes in nature and the future destiny of this civilization. Too much will depend on everyone’s personal choice, because everyone, either consciously or not, will make his contribution to this crucial choice. During the times of Crossroads Rigden Jappo himself will be present in the world. These are the times when the Grail will be given again. And, depending on the direction chosen by the mankind, towards good or evil, that is, which of the roads will be chosen on this Crossroads, to that direction will it rush, and it will be very hard to stop or to change this process. And these times will come very soon, so you will be witnesses either of the beginning of a bright future or of a sad end.”

“So, during these times Rigden Djappo himself will be present in the world, won’t he?!” Victor asked again.

”Yes, and the lot of Grail will be thrown again into the world. Moreover, I must say, every person due to the presence of Rigden will be given a unique opportunity to connect to the spiritual wave of the Lord of Shambala and to manifest his spiritual presence.”

“How can it be done?” our group asked excitedly.

“As Rigden will be present in the world, twice per day, at 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. GMT, he will do his daily meditations. During this time, any person meditating, or praying, or simply radiating mental flows of good, joy, and Love into the world, naturally, will not stay unnoticed by Rigden. That is, for those who will join him at this time and will make their contribution of positive thoughts to the universal meditation, it will be the same as to present a visiting card to Ridgen. Because, anyway, this physical life is transient and finishes quickly. At the end of one’s life, whether a person likes it or not, but after leaving his material body he will face with Rigden who was called in different times the Judge of the deeds of human souls. And, does not matter which illusions a person tries to find during his life, he will not be able to avoid a meeting with Him. The question is whom Rigden will know personally according to his spiritual deeds, and who will remain even unworthy of his look. So, the times of the Crossroads in the spiritual field will mean a lot, both for each individual and for society as a whole.”

Sensei stopped talking, and Stas said thoughtfully, “So at 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. GMT.”

“What is it, GMT?” Andrew didn’t understand and asked Sensei.

”Nowadays this is a generally accepted world standard of time keeping. In the suburb of Big London there is a town named Greenwich, through which the conventional Prime Meridian passes, it’s called also the International Meridian. Earth’s surface is divided for convenience into 24 time zones. Each zone has 15 degrees of longitude or one hour of time. Time in the countries to the east of London and Greenwich Meridian is more than GMT, and in the countries to the west is less than GMT.”

“So, in Moscow, what time will it be?” Andrew couldn’t grasp it.

“Well, if it’s 7 a.m. GMT than in order to find out Moscow time we should add 3 hours, so it will be 10 a.m. and 10 p.m. accordingly,” Sensei explained.

“I don’t know about others,” Volodya said in a low voice, “But I personally will not miss such an opportunity of spiritual help.”

“Right!” nodded Eugene. “We should turn these meditations to a physiological habit!”

“Exactly, it’s not just a body training,” Nikolai Andreevich expressed his thought, “I would say that it’s a spiritual self-education of a human, strengthening of his moral features. It seems to me that this spiritual practice will be quite actual for any sensible human.”

Victor reflected for a while and uttered with admiration, “Wait, but if Rigden himself will be in the world, it means that many people will be able to see him! It’s a real chance to show us.”

Sensei grinned and answered friendly, “It would be rather he who will see many people. Like a diamond invisible in the water Boddhi, when in the world, is invisible for surrounding people. Only highly spiritual people are able to see the higher Creature in him. And it’s stupid to show your human nature before the spiritual personality. It’s much more remarkable and important to show you in good deeds and purity of your thoughts…”

From the book “Sensei. Book IV” by A. Novykh



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