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AllatRa – How I Took the First Step towards My True Self

One decision and one action start a chain of small and big inner discoveries in a person’s life. Is there any need to spend your time and energy on doubts in your head, when you have a deep feeling that your decision is definitely the right thing to do?

Jason from the USA shares his inspiration after joining the international team of ALLATRA IPM. He tells how he happened to encounter the knowledge from the books by Anastasia Novykh on the Internet, which inspired him to get in touch with other IPM participants in his city and all over the world. Jason describes an inner fight between contradictory thoughts and deep feelings that he observed inside him during his first steps, and how he made up his mind to take part in globally important projects, getting to know soul-mates from various countries and gaining new life-changing experience.

The book AllatRa by Anastasia Novykh

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FOR CREATIVE SOCIETY! International press conference on ALLATRA platform. June 22, Atlanta, USA


Hello, friends! Jason from Michigan.
So, the reason for today’s recording is to discuss with you all my experience before reading the Allatra book, a little bit of life experience. And my personal experience related to consciousness, the thoughts that come in and how they attempted to hinder me from participating in projects around the world. So, like everyone in the world I went through my own personal trials and tribulations, my own experiences where I was raised, where I was born, different levels of Economic Security, different levels of education, different styles of parenting. And ultimately various choices that took me through different roads. However, I started to feel dead inside and wanted something more. There was something missing in my life and I had had everything. I had a house, I had a car, I have kids, I live in a decent area, I live in a decent state. Not to say all those things haven’t always been a part of my life but at a certain point of making goals for myself and desiring more, I just realized that it wasn’t what I was looking for. And so, I studied psychology and I studied various self-help teachers and different fields of experiences as they relate to other people’s perceptions. Now, one day on a Facebook group I had come across someone who had recommended the book Allatra by Anastasia Novykh. So, I did a little bit of research and the book touted primordial knowledge which really got my attention because, like, who uses the verbiage primordial. And, so I had done some digging I’m reading online and the first thing that was peculiar to me was that it was in Russian, they had English, they had different translations. So in looking through their website that was provided it was in different languages. Okay now I’m not gonna go too much on what’s covered in the books. Friends, if you’re interested in what’s in the books I am very passionate about what’s actually in the books and what each person knows and feels deep down inside and that this material addresses them in such a way that not even your significant other and not even your closest friend could address you. But what I will talk about is the thoughts that came in. The thoughts that came in is this is Russian material, I shouldn’t be listening to this, I shouldn’t be watching this, this is propaganda. All of this which really had me puzzled because it was a weird experience. Okay. So I get halfway through the Allatra book and I’m like, ah, you know what I should read the other books that they have. So I began reading the Sensei books by the same author Anastasia Novykh in which it documents various parts of our history, various parts of our belief systems and the different inner workings of reality. So I had finished those books a very fast rate and moved on to the other books in the series regardless of their being type errors, regardless of things being mispronounced, still what I was reading felt like something closer to home than anything else that I had come across.

So, I started looking into the International Public Movement under the same name Allatra, Allatra International Public Movement, which volunteers across the world, don’t engage but act and participate in various projects started by individuals themselves.  And I really wanted to do something but didn’t know where to start. And the consciousness or the thoughts that a person acquaints themselves with in their life were saying different things like “oh, they already have it figured out, oh they already have enough people what can you do? You’re only one person. You’re married, you got two kids. What are you gonna do?” And all these different things  really stopped me from enjoying what I’ve always enjoyed doing my whole life and that’s helping other people.

After some time of reading the book, it was actually for four or five weeks, and I’ve seen these group of females on television, one of their YouTube channels, performing a conference with other participants around the world and I noticed a headset Michigan. That really inspired me to reach out because I was like, well, there are people who are doing this, who are from Michigan. And upon reaching out I was very happy to do. So, I had called Kiev, Ukraine at, like I want to say, 7:00 p.m. It was very late for them that’s you know early morning for them. And someone picked up the phone. I hung up right away, and they called me back, and they put me in contact with the three Olgas that we know today.  And after doing so, I’m happy I did, because now the projects I participate in our translations, editing of various material related to projects initiated by people themselves, narrations of different programs, discussing different creative projects, conducting live conversations to really get to know people all over the world and know them at a humane level, not at a superficial level.

And I’m very happy I did, even though the thoughts that come in at the beginning can be very convincing and can be very trivial. When you start to, well, I’m going to be blunt with you for those that are listening. When you have this feeling that’s inside and you’re inspired to do something, it is very difficult to ignore that feeling. However, what’s also comfortable is when you don’t know yet that your thoughts are not yours, that you don’t order them, you don’t tell them what to do, they come in. And when you’re comfortable thinking that who you are, it can be very easy to become distracted.

But listen to that feeling there are millions and billions of people waiting for more people to inspire them and give them a reason to get off the couch, give them a reason to leave their houses,  give them a reason to do what they know is right inside. So, I hope you all enjoy this and I really hope it helps. Please, feel free to reach out to us at any of our contact information if this inspires you to change.

Again, my name is Jason.  I’m from Michigan. Please, please.
I’m happy you are with us.

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