The Universal Grain

ALLATRA is life, the Universal Grain of which everyone has inside!

ALLATRA is life, unity, friendship, kindness and, first of all, People!

The participants of ALLATRA International Public Movement are people, who live in different countries of the world, represent different religions, of different ages, nationalities, and who, having united, do their best to revive the spiritual and moral values in the society.

To the vigorous activities, transformation of themselves and of the surrounding world, the participants of the ALLATRA Movement are inspired by the Knowledge presented in the book “AllatRa” by Anastasia Novykh. Hundreds of thousands of people around the world have already joined the fundamental study of world religions, trends and denominations in order to find the Universal Grain of Truth that unites all of us. The book “AllatRa” contains information that allows you to see universal, common spiritual knowledge in all cultures and religions of the world and what is most important – to discover this Knowledge in yourself.

ALLATRA is Life, the Universal Grain of which everyone has inside!

The large-scale International Project “THE UNIVERSAL GRAIN”, conducted by the participants of ALLATRA International Public Movement, is based on the Clues of Primordial Knowledge.

A unique, one of a kind international social research initiated and carried out by people from over 140 countries. People from around the world of different nationalities, religions, professions are joining this large-scale research. Joint research, translations, international interviews,opinion polls, teleconferences, video commentaries of scientists and specialists from around the world are conducted through international cooperation and mutual understanding.

What is the meaning of human life? What is the basis of all religions and scriptures of the world? What unites all people on Earth?

Many thanks to all the volunteers of ALLATRA International Public Movement who, in their spare time take an active part in the large-scale project “THE UNIVERSAL GRAIN”! JOIN US! UNIVERSAL GRAIN- CREATION, FRIENDSHIP, COMMON SPIRITUAL HERITAGE, UNITY IN THE WORLD OF ALL PEOPLE OF GOOD WILL!

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