ALLATRA is the Flagship of the Spiritual awakening of humanity!

Indeed, no matter how crafty shaitan’s intrigues are,
they are weak, and the Truth will triumph!

The Qur’an 4:76

The reason for all the troubles on earth is that people have forgotten about Divine Love! Which is Alpha and Omega! Without Love, a person will find only death, while Life can be found only in Love!

Some Sufi

Thanks to Allah the Almighty, today we can see how the world is transforming and really getting better. People begin to wake up… Of course, there are still a lot of negative moments and evil, violence and turning of the masses into zombies… It’s all really happening, however, something wonderful is happening, too! This is what today, thanks to the Grace and the Will of Allah the Almighty, is being done by Imam Mahdi and members of the ALLATRA Movement together with Him. This phenomenon is so unique, wonderful and important for all of humanity that it is necessary to tell this to humanity, which is actually the goal of our article.

Today many organizations, governmental and non-governmental, humanitarian and social, speak about helping people, protecting the planet, animals, and trees, about climate problems, the greenhouse effect, and so on, and so forth. But what do we actually see in the consumer society? A lot of talks, but few productive deeds. And two points, to a certain extent characteristic for many of these organizations, are as follows:

1) They talk a lot, but do little in reality in order to radically change the situation in the world. Their activity is aimed more at fighting with the consequences than at eradication of the very causes of the deep crisis in which humanity is today. They are more pursuing ratings and begging for grants. They themselves do not know a concrete way out of the current conditions and accordingly cannot show it to people.

2) They serve interests of the Material mind system, namely Iblis, as they are controlled by masonic (hence the archonian) organizations. This is sad, but in these organizations  ordinary people are trivially deceived. Their pure impulses and aspirations to create good are used by the tops of these organizations for their own selfish purposes. Indeed, at the head of most of these organizations are the devil’s slaves. As we know, a fish rots from the head.

Simple question. Why are there so many organizations that strive to solve the acute issues faced by the whole human community today, but the problems of humanity are not diminishing? On the contrary, they are increasing. And in such a way that today the very future existence of our civilisation is already on the edge!

Everyone is talking about peace, while wars are everywhere, and there are more and more of them, and today World War III is even mentioned already, and pretty seriously. And this takes place despite the fact that recently humanity has experienced the terrifying World War II! How short is the memory of a person, if he has forgotten so quickly about the millions of people who died and about all those horrors, that wildness and atrocities that took place just yesterday!

Everyone is talking about nature protection, even so many demonstrations and protests against climate change are taking place lately, but what is really being done? Besides, how can at least one cataclysm be stopped by means of protest actions? Not to mention the interconnected chain of global climatic cataclysms and disasters which are already escalating and will only increase in the near future! It’s a fallacy to say that cataclysms occur by themselves and are not related to each other. Any serious scientist understands and sees how some of them (cataclysms and natural disasters) are connected with others, how they all beget each other and represent catalysts for one another… After all, the Earth is a single organism, and all the processes occurring on it are also interconnected… And we are now addressing only two issues. However, there are many more of them…

Therefore today, before the entire humanity, with particular urgency, there arises the eternal question voiced by the Prince of Denmark a long time ago: To be or not to be?

And that’s why we are talking about ALLATRA! Because ALLATRA is the only true “lifeboat” which can really help the drowning humanity! However, under the condition that the drowning ones will take advantage of this opportunity: will not philosophize, but will act! Act actively and in a consolidated manner, together and in mutual assistance — just act! After all, as the well-known phrase says: “The rescue of a drowning man is the drowning man’s own job!”

So, what is AllatRa? What is the cardinal difference between ALLATRA and all other organizations and movements?

AllatRa provides practical answers to all the important questions faced by both every individual and the whole humanity! Allatra leaves none of the questions unanswered. Moreover, there is no philosophy and no speculation, but namely specific answers which are given in a simple and understandable form. Even if a person is far from science, he will still understand. Let’s take, for example, the two ALLATRA Reports in science:

The report “On the Problems and Consequences of Global Climate Change on Earth. Effective Ways to Solve These Problems”



After all, both Reports are written in a simple and accessible form and answer all the questions that concern every person on Earth today.
And this applies to everything what ALLATRA is! And the very meaning of the word ALLATRA is the power of God! While the power of God is in God’s Love! ALLATRA is God’s Love! And, most importantly, ALLATRA is millions of people of various religions and nationalities, who are united among themselves solely by God’s Love! That’s why ALLATRA is so inspiring and has united such an enormous number of people around the world within such a short time!

After all, let’s take the very essence! The ALLATRA Movement was born and built based on the AllatRa Primordial Knowledge, the Knowledge that comes into the world through the One Who, for instance, is called Imam Mahdi in Islam. As it is said about Mahdi in one of the Hadith:

“He will protect science and higher knowledge and will use them for the benefit of people. He will appreciate the superior knowledge and will use it with reverence always. His mind will be free from the desire to harm humanity. The higher knowledge in His presence will be like some property which has been misused in the past, but to which He gives permission to use now again and correctly. In the beginning He will be like a poor stranger. And Islam will be in a hopeless and helpless state, like an exhausted camel with a drooping head and a sluggish tail. But then He will establish the Kingdom of God throughout the world. He will teach everyone proof of God’s mercy – His Desire to give man Knowledge of the right life.”

ALLATRA is the Knowledge about the world and a human being, about the true meaning of human existence. It is the Knowledge that liberates a person from the oppression of negative thoughts and deeds, that is, from slavery of Iblis, and gives an opportunity to every person who comes into contact with it to become true himself – to become whole, truly happy and Free.

Mahdi is fulfilling the Will of Allah and has come to help people. This fact alone a priori makes ALLATRA unattainable even for any analogy or comparison. The Movement doesn’t pursue any interests of enrichment, anyone’s personal selfish interests or the interests of any religious organizations. The Movement is beyond politics and beyond religion! ALLATRA serves the interests of people, and all its activities are aimed at helping and timely notifying people. So, everything is being done in the interests of people, in the interests of all humanity (!), and all activities are carried out by people themselves, with the help and on the basis of ALLATRA Knowledge brought by Imam Mahdi. That’s exactly why AllatRa is the flagship of the Spiritual awakening of all humanity! AllatRa is a beacon in the darkness for all people who want to live with Love in their hearts for the One God for all people! Who want to live in peace, love, harmony, and prosperity!

Therefore, exactly AllatRa is the purest, most real and most beautiful thing in the world today!

And We, participants of the ALLATRA Movement, are happy to share this joy and openly tell all of you, dear sisters and brothers, that ALLATRA is indeed the most beautiful thing that is given to all of us today! And we are happy and glad that we can share this joy and happiness with everyone! We, participants of the ALLATRA Movement, openly say: to be a member of ALLATRA is the highest honour that can be awarded to a person in this world! This is the noblest and most worthy thing a person can achieve!

Everything else is just as the Qur’an says regarding the worldly life: “game, amusement, and careless  vanity”.

Any career, any position, any financial opportunities are merely dust and illusion that passes like a dream. All this is just nothing before the Honour of being a simple, sincere Human with a capital letter H, who acts in Love, who is creative! Exactly such people are the members of ALLATRA International Public Movement! These are the people who have chosen the noble path of creation in Love! The path of sincere and selfless deeds aimed at the benefit of all people on Earth, at the Common Good!

That’s why we offer to all people, including those who are in certain organizations: if you really want to find something pure, find all the answers to all your most important questions, if you really and sincerely want to help people, to develop spiritually and participate in the transformation of the world for the better, then carefully look at any of the official projects of ALLATRA IPM, and you will get convinced that all the projects of the ALLATRA Movement are aimed exactly at building such a creative and constructive society. Moreover, the ALLATRA Movement itself is an example of such a society!

It’s a real, vivid example of what a society of creation and harmony is, an evidence that it is possible and here it is! When people from various countries, of various beliefs, cultures and social statuses, regardless of all conventionalities, begin to unite and create together for the benefit of all! Using all modern means of communication, they begin to implement hundreds and thousands of creative projects aimed at the timely unification of humanity!

That’s why Iblis, with the hands of some unscrupulous people, creates a ballyhoo and a lot of controlled organizations which we have mentioned at the beginning of this article. Figuratively speaking, it will be extremely difficult for a person who is standing in the middle of a huge, noisy disco to hear a quiet, modest voice of the Truth. Therefore, Iblis exactly creates such a disco – the hustle and bustle in the daily life of many people. It puzzles people with material, financial and household problems. What is the purpose of such actions of Iblis? It’s to distract and to puzzle us, people who want to do something good, with completely different things (meaning, to deceive us, to lead us astray). After all, as a result of such actions of Iblis and his slaves, people, instead of being in ALLATRA and becoming a part of the Global Spiritual awakening and liberation from the power of the Material mind system (Iblis, the devil), instead of this, people are involved in projects that actually do not change anything. In fact, they are engaged in eliminating consequences instead of finding and eliminating the very cause. Since, no matter how much money you collect for planting forests, saving endangered species and other animals, and even for humanitarian aid – if there is no humaneness in people, if they don’t feel the creative divine principle which from time immemorial has been exactly designated with the word AllatRa, then what is the sense of all this? After all, external problems on the planet are the result of internal struggle and negativity within every person who is a part of this societyAllatRa is valuable exactly for the fact that it gives the clues to transformation of oneself – one’s own mortal nature – into the eternal, Spiritual one. And when there are a lot of such people, they can change everything! That’s what is being proved by the actions of the ALLATRA Movement participants! 

“Working only for the sake of material goods, we build ourselves a prison. And we lock ourselves in loneliness, and all our riches are dust and ashes, they are powerless to deliver to us that which is worth living for. You live in your actions, not in your body. You — it is your actions, and there is no other you.”

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Now, let’s go back to the topic of the organizations mentioned above, the organizations engaged in global deception of people. Well, not only that their actions actually don’t change anything since they are initially “off the point”, so to say, but also, as a result of participation in such events, people start losing faith in good, faith in people, and faith in themselves in the end…

Here it’s appropriate to recall a parable about wolves, when a shepherd was yelling and calling people, “Wolves, wolves attacked the herd!” People came running in a hurry, and it turned out that he was lying. But when wolves really attacked the herd, no one came running anymore. This parable gives an understanding of the very principle of the action of Iblis (i.e. the system, the devil). Through his slaves, he shouted many times, “The Truth! The Truth!” And people ran for the shouts and saw lies. However, true Miracles aren’t noisy… And the most important events are very simple…

And when people are now being told that the Truth has come, they no longer believe because they have been deceived so many times. However, the Truth has come, and it will anyway triumph in the minds and hearts of people, if not today, then tomorrow, and we surely can make tomorrow come today! And if every person listens to the call of his heart, he will feel the Truth! One just needs to calm down and look at everything sensibly, impartially and draw conclusions oneself. Just to look at the projects that are implemented by participants of the ALLATRA Movement and are aimed at uniting all humanity, and to figure everything out on one’s own.

Here it’s very important and relevant to focus the attention of dear readers on the following point. An impression might arise that participants of the ALLATRA Movement are some chosen ones, whereas all other people are so-and-so… Absolutely not! All people are equal before the Almighty! God created everyone equal and endowed everyone with the right of choice! All of us are His creations, and as the Qur’an says, only the most pious ones are pleasing to the Almighty! That is to say, exactly piety distinguishes people before God. All other differences are imposed and invented by people themselves to the dictation of Iblis.

So, participants of the ALLATRA Movement are just the same people as everyone else. Only, thanks to the ALLATRA Knowledge which is given by Mahdi, these people have a more comprehensive understanding and knowledge of the essence of what is going on. And, most importantly, again thanks to the ALLATRA Knowledge, they have a vision of the way out which Mahdi is showing to humanity. A great achievement of these people is that they have accepted the AllatRa Knowledge! This is what distinguishes participants of the Movement from other people. I emphasize: distinguishes, but not separates. Because Iblis divides, while ALLATRA unites! And ALLATRA is given for the unification of all humanity! And our every brother and every sister who is reading these lines now, they all can also become a part of this global creative process of the unification of humanity in a Single family! This is what ALLATRA is exactly given for! And participants of the Movement are those people who have already (a little earlier than the rest of people) accepted the Knowledge and have been able to step over Iblis in their heads. They have turned their faces to Allah, not to Iblis as many in the world today. Participants of the ALLATRA Movement oppose Iblis, while many serve him.

They don’t wait like the others that someone will come and solve all the issues and problems for them. They themselves act for the triumph of the Truth throughout the world and for the benefit of all people on Earth! So, these are the people who have taken responsibility for ensuring that all people on Earth find out about AllatRa! The ALLATRA Movement participants are people who haven’t feared Iblis! They are people who openly speak about Allah because they know Him in their hearts, where Love for Allah lives! And they have the right to speak about Him openly, because they have turned their faces to the Creator and fulfill His Will! And this is true!

Lets take, for example, a unique and one-of-a kind event on May 11, 2019, when for the first time in history people from all over the world, on their own, held a large-scale online conference, and at this conference they raised the most pressing issues that the entire humanity is facing today. And, most importantly, relevant questions were not just voiced, but answers were given to these questions. In fact, there was announced the only real way out of the deadlock which humanity has reached under the deft leadership of Iblis.

It was openly said that the way out is primarily in the spiritual, moral, creative and constructive vector of development! Without choosing a creative and constructive way of development we won’t be able to get out of the deadlock which the consumer civilisation has entered. After all, the crisis of humanity is primarily a spiritual and moral crisis, and consequently it’s an economic, social, climatic crisis, and so on. Therefore, it’s important to eliminate the cause itself, and then everything will go back to normal. Since only a society which is based upon and guided by spiritual values can come to harmony and prosperity.

Consumer formation is slavery, while ALLATRA is liberation from the shackles of slavery and the path to Freedom!

Thus, without spiritual revival humanity will perish. And today we can see how Iblis is preparing people’s consciousness for that, and we see how fast an imposition of consumer “morality”, brainwashing and turning people into zombies is taking place. However, as stated in the epigraph, the intrigues of the enemy of humankind  is nothing before the Truth, and therefore the Truth will triumph anyway! And the conference of May 11 has been the first global step of humanity on the way to this and the clearest proof of the fact that, if people choose the Truth, nothing can stop them!

“Yes, everything depends on people themselves, on their choice. It is just that today most people do not understand all the importance of these processes, the importance of personal spiritual transformation, which not only can open the path to Eternity for a person, but will also invariably entail transformation of the world around him…Unfortunately, the modern world leaves much to be desired. Although…  everything flows, everything changes. As practice shows, global-scale ideas are implemented only when they are based on common aspirations and actions of the majority of people, on consolidation of efforts in the common interests of different groups. So people themselves can still change the situation; where there is a will…”

Rigden Djappo (from the book “AllatRa”)

Author: Elchin, participant of ALLATRA International Public Movement

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