AllatRa Sign in ALL Cultures of the World | Artefacts | Symbols

The AllatRa sign is one of the most powerful and ancient spiritual signs. It is found on all the continents, and in all civilizations. From time immemorial, the AllatRa sign has occupied a key position in the culture of peoples and civilizations of the planet. It can be found on artefacts of the Yakuts, Huichol, Sassanians, and many others. Since the earliest times, it has also crowned the tops of numerous sacred stupas across Asia. Moreover, the Allat and AllatRa signs have always been present in the cultures of all peoples of the world, on every continent. This video contains a selection of Allat and AllatRa signs and symbols from Asia, Europe, Africa, America, and Oceania.

Fragment from the programme THE UNIVERSAL GRAIN. Part One. THE CHOICE

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