American Dream. What Has Gone Wrong?

American dream…
Stability, Success, Peace, Prosperity, Greatness. But what do we have instead?
How could THIS have become our reality?! What have we come to?
They promised to improve our living.
So, what’s the result?
WHAT IS THE IMPOSED CONFRONTATION FOR? Why is an enemy needed — either China or Russia? For us to be afraid?
How long will it last? Stop dividing us! We are Americans, and first and foremost, we are the people of planet Earth.

We need to unite and build the Creative Society together with our president. To build a world where the main value is human life; where equal opportunities are ensured for everyone, and where all people have safe conditions for their living and development. Creative Society is a world where everyone is important and valuable! The point will be in humanity’s development, in unity and prospects! We can start the history of our humanity anew!

Creative Society is possible! In order to build it, we should unite and convey this information to one another. What can you do already now? Share this video with everyone you can and tell the world about the Creative Society. It depends on you, what kind of world your children and yourself will live in.

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