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An evil eye. Jinx

…’These vibrations of Love protect a human from the negative influence of other people. From which kind exactly, and how does it manifest?”
“Negative influence can be varied. It can be an evil eye and, as people say, jinx…”
“An evil eye? Jinx?” Nikolai Andreevich was sincerely surprised.
“I thought that the evil eye and jinx were just folklore, a way for some enterprising people to make money.”
“This ‘folklore’ exists only for the reason that this phenomenon of thought really exists, but doesn’t yet have sufficient, steadfast, scientific acknowledgement. But in fact, manifestation of a negative thought exists. I’ve already said many times that a thought is material. They’re trying to prove it today. And as time goes on, they will find more and more scientific proof. A thought is an information wave. Its information is coded on a certain frequency, which is perceived by our material brain, or rather, by its deeper structures. And when someone thinks something bad towards you, it’s natural that it is received by your brain on a subconscious level. During the deciphering of this code, the brain starts to model this negative situation, which is later translated into reality as an unconscious order of the subconscious. That is in fact a jinx, which manifests itself in a form of illness or something else. That’s on the one hand. But on the other hand, when an individual creates a wave field around himself with certain frequency characteristics – well, an aura of Love, simply saying – then, by all the laws of physics, negative information won’t be able to penetrate into this power field, much less to reach your brain and to manifest there in the form of a command. Why? Because this power field is much stronger…”

From the book “Sensei” by A. Novykh

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