The Universal Grain

Ancient Egypt. The Essence and Understanding of Life. THE UNIVERSAL GRAIN

Since antiquity, people have known that every choice that a person makes during the day doesn’t pass unnoticed – and first of all for himself, for the destiny that he forms for himself. They knew that a man, despite the death of the material body, could continue to live and live forever.

“The Egyptians were not focused on death, they were very much focused on life. And this can be seen in many aspects of their lives. This is what we see in numerous archaeological evidence. ”

The Egyptians not only strove for Truth but also believed that it is always present next to a human being and that the world is permeated with it. Above anything else, they placed the service to Truth, to wisdom and world order, the personification of which was Maat. And they knew that in order to achieve spiritual liberation a person must have an inner knowledge of the Spiritual world. In this regard, there is one interesting ancient Egyptian expression that is quite remarkable: “A single day can become eternity, within a single hour you can create the future, for God knows one who acts with Him.”

“In order to join the Spiritual world, you should stay on the side of the Spiritual world and become a Spirit yourself, then you will join it. That is, a Spirit can merge with a Spirit, matter with matter, fire with fire, water with water. However, fire cannot be mixed with water.” – Igor Mikhailovich Danilov (Excerpt from the programme “CONSCIOUSNESS AND PERSONALITY. FROM THE INEVITABLY DEAD TO THE ETERNALLY ALIVE”)

Unique research initiated and carried out by volunteer participants of ALLATRA International Public Movement in their free time, numerous interviews with experts and professionals in various fields of scientific activity, revealing the essence, depth and beauty of many cultures, including that of Ancient Egypt, made it possible to learn more deeply the Universal Grain of Truth that unites humanity.

You can find out more about this and many other things in this informative, insightful, profound and interesting fragment of the large-scale social research video “Universal Grain”, “Ancient Egypt. The Essence and Understanding of Life.”

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