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Ancient pyramids discovered in Bosnia

In Bosnia, five ancient pyramids have been discovered, the age of which is 40 000 years. It was announced in 2005 by an amateur archaeologist, 51-year-old Semir Osmanagich – PhD in Sociology at the University of Sarajevo, a member of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences.

Previously it was thought that in Europe there were no pyramids, but they happened to be older and bigger in size than famous Egyptian ones.

Ancients’ temples or just mountains?

A detailed study showed obvious signs of artificial origin of the objects. At the time, the scientist received official support and financial assistance to understand past secrets of Bosnia.

After the exploration of a mountain near Visoko in 2005, which was overgrown with forest, Semir Osmanagich said that the mountain was actually a pyramid with a height of 220 meters, built by unexplored civilization about 40,000 years ago. Visoko is located 30 kilometers away from the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Archaeological excavations started a year after the news. It was found that the pyramid was built of large stone blocks, 2-3 meters in size, the stairs led to the top of the pyramid, and the root of the mountain was paved with cubes. Terraces were made in the depths of the mountain. At a press conference, Semir said that the valley near Visoko contains total of five pyramids, which were built in honor of the Moon, the Sun and an unknown god Dragon by ancient architects. Underground tunnels connect all the pyramids.

In schools we are taught: history does not have white spots any more, it is simply impossible,” says Osmanagich, “But can we talk about what was happening on the planet 20-30 thousand years ago, if historians debate even on the Second World War issue? God forbid our civilization would be destroyed by natural disasters – other people who then populate the Earth, also will not know anything about us, believing that previously only mammoths lived here.

After the start of the archaeological excavations, the scientific world split in two. One part believed in the fact that the pyramids were actually human-created. The other part of the scientists could not believe that those ancient pyramids built by unexplored civilization stood there for thousands of years, and nobody paid attention to them until the 21th century.

The scientist explains it simply: the pyramids are so old that they have been covered with a thick layer of soil and greenery.


Humanity found ancients’ temples or it is just mountains? Scientists’ opinions

One part of scientists claims that the building blocks of the pyramid are just soft sandstones damaged by the movement of tectonic plates, so it seems that the pyramids are made of blocks. This deludes even professional archaeologists. Because of crustal movements, huge stones were divided into large “blocks”, and such cracked stones can be seen all over the world. They also state that 12 thousand years ago and more, a European man could only build a hut, which is confirmed by numerous archaeological facts, not to mention more complex objects like pyramids.

One is put in mind of a quote from the book by Anastasia Novykh “Sensei of Shambala. Book II”:

The thing is that in fact we only come up to the mastering of our possibilities. And in the beginning of this civilization people having high potential of their mental possibilities on the contrary degradated that is they went from their big achievements to small. It’s normal as those isolated groups were remnants of the previous highly developed civilization. Later their descendants lost the former possibilities and knowledge, so to say fully degradated, and then they started from the beginning again.

The main problem is that highly developed civilizations are very dependent on the external factors,” Sensei looked at the sky. “Take for example the Sun. Modern scientists assume that its resources are enough for a billion of years. And then it can expand and die out and as a result all living beings will disappear on the Earth. But first of all these are only their assumptions and guesses as scientists know little about the Sun. And second even now any moment there can be a solar megaflare directed to the Earth. And if this happens there will be nothing left on the Earth just in three days. There will be in the best case only small isolated groups of people who will face an acute problem of survival. And if you want to eat even plants, first you have to grow them and in order to do it you have to find their seeds. But even if not to take into account a global catastrophe. Just imagine what will happen to us if we are left now without electricity, gas, oil, to put is simply, all benefits of civilization. We will be practically unadapted to survival. It happened like this that time…

Further research showed that “the pyramids of the Sun and the Moon” are created in the course of the natural formation, without human intervention. Moreover, geologists do not agree with the authorities of Bosnia, who call for the support and funding of pseudo-sensation.

However, the other part of scientists still believe these discoveries are human-made.

Let’s consider the information regarding Semir’s research to see what reason he and other researchers give.

This story began in 1994, when Serbs and Bosnian Muslims were fighting near Visoko, at 22 km from Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina. City residents said that they heard strange “vibrations”, coming from the mountain, as if it was empty.

Throughout the centuries, it has been rumored that the mountain was shrouded in mystery. For more than one generation the population of Visoko has found different stones artfully worked with a variety of patterns and used them to decorate houses.

But no researches had been performed until the summer of 2005 when an independent researcher Semir Osmanagich who devoted 15 years to the study of Latin American pyramids visited Visoko. After examining the ground, he said that Visočica Hill is nothing more than a 220-meter high pyramid.


The results of Semir’s excavations in 2006

Large-scale archaeological excavations in Visoko began in April 14, 2006. In several days after the start of the excavations, large stone blocks were found under a metre-deep earth layer, which were joined together. Dozens of volunteers were involved in the excavations. Sensations appeared fast and furious. Flagstones were found on all sides of Visočica Hill. According to aerial photography, two sides of the mountain were absolutely straight and made up right angles. The surveys from satellites and helicopters also confirmed the statement. Arguments in favor of the first pyramid in Europe became to appear more and more.

Visočica Hill, which is called the Pyramid of the Sun, has a truncated top and looks like Mexican pyramids.


Many archaeologists were skeptical about the excavations and the existence of the pyramid. But, at the same time, few of them visited the excavations in person.

Day by day, the number of Semir’s supporters was becoming larger. A geologist Barakat and an archaeologist El Hadidi were of the same view as Semir. They supported the fact that the blocks, which built the pyramid, were of artificial origin.

While examining the composition of the blocks, the researchers came to the conclusion that the concrete used to produce the blocks was different from the one used today. This was confirmed by a number of institutions, one of which was Building Institute of Sarajevo. Institute of Geodesy in Bosnia also participated in the research and made a sensational conclusion that four sides of the pyramid were oriented in the cardinal directions. At that, it was noted that the north side was directed toward the North Star. Pyramids in Mexico and ancient Egypt are oriented in the same way.

Post surveys with thermal photography technology and radars showed “geological anomalous zones”, located on the outskirts of Visoko. Stone blocks of artificial origin were found during further excavations.

In 2006, due to those surveys, the world learned about the discovering of several new pyramids in Europe: the Pyramid of the Dragon, Moon and Love.

The unusual thing in these pyramids is that ancient architects used hills of natural origin to build pyramids, which were laid out of artificial slabs and numerous terraces to give a pyramidal shape.

The photos show how a plateau is neatly laid out with stone slabs around the Pyramid of the Moon that resembles modern urban paving.

But the most heated dispute arose when Semir, as a supporter of alternative history, said that those stone masterpieces had been built by the Atlants or Hyperboreans, in the existence of whom the scientist had no doubts. In the early days of the excavations, he stated that those pyramids appeared 10-12 thousand years ago.

For example, here is an excerpt from the book by Anastasia Novykh “Sensei of Shambala. Book II”:

I can’t get it, first of all, who could tell this knowledge to the ancients and second how were able those ancient tribes to understand that science by their primitive mind?”

“The thing is that those tribes weren’t ancient. They were survived descendants of the Atlants’ civilization. Their mind wasn’t primitive as you consider. It was the same like ours. As during all this time the human brain wasn’t changed. Moreover, they used the possibilities of the human brain much better and more effective than we do.”

“That is, you mean that they were much more intellectually developed than we are?”

“Maybe it sounds paradoxically for you but it’s true. If to count in a percentage proportion, it means that now we use only 10% of our possibilities and they used more that 50%. Just count it. It means that they were five times more clever that we are despite all illusionary “high technological” development of our times.

One of the proofs that the pyramids are human-made is also the fact that they have equal angles at the junctions of the sides; moreover, it is seen on three pyramids at once. They could not be formed in a geological way.

In addition, within a few kilometers from the pyramids the entrances to the tunnels have been discovered which lead under their base. The height of the tunnels is about a man’s height. On drawing near the pyramids, the walls in the tunnels become more smooth, and at the bottom a stone laying is easily visible.

Another mystery to scientists is that during the excavations they failed to find any remains of animals, insects or rodents. Not even a trail of them was found.

During the year of the excavations, about 250 thousand tourists from all over the globe visited the small town of Visoko. The same step was taken by geologists, archaeologists, independent scientists and researchers from the United States, Egypt, Turkey, England, Germany, France and other countries to support or dispose Semir Osmanagich’s research. But the latter is becoming less. With the research, there appear more and more undeniable facts.

By the spring of 2007, Semir Osmanagich became a famous man due to the fact that the Archaeological Park of the Bosnian pyramids had been visited by many tourists, and photos of the pyramid of the Sun was a top ten most important photos of National Geographic magazine in 2006.

At the moment, official science does not recognize that these pyramids are such ancient human-made buildings. But the choice is still with a person who receives this information. Should we believe one or the other scientists, or learn different versions ourselves, and still get to the truth? Here comes to mind an interesting quote from “AllatRa” book by Anastasia Novykh:

As for “authorities”, no authorities can exist in real science. Real science is the process of knowing the Truth and not a means of attaining power.

The process of self-study is very interesting. And mysteries and unexplored areas of the Earth are plenty more …. The main thing in any work is the desire and the choice of the man himself! After all, if everyone wants to devote himself or herself to the process of human development, civilization will transform in a very short time. It will change for the better! And it begins with the inner transformation of every person in the world …

To be continued…

Sergey Savin

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