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Angels Don’t Fall

Angels don’t fall! How does an Angel emerge in a human? What is his angelic nature, and how does true Life emerge in him? What is God’s Love, and how to gain it? What does the Spiritual World represent, and what is Life like there? Who is God? Who inhabits heaven, meaning, the Spiritual World? Why does every person feel that he is here for a reason? What pushes a person towards spiritual self-knowledge?

Can a human become an Angel? Why are there discrepancies regarding Angels even within the same religion (some people say that a human can become an Angel; others say that he cannot; still others claim that a human is superior to Angels), and what is the root of these discrepancies? Why have people invented the teaching about Angels — “angelology”? Why do they make up names for Angels and their hierarchical ranks, and what really takes place? Which “religion is truly from God”?

Do “fallen angels” exist? Where did the legend of “fallen angels” originate from, about the fact that there is “one third of them”, as well as about “the all-seeing eye of God”, that “God sees every person”? What technologies did the Atlanteans possess? Why did El “see” every person? What scrolls did Ahnenerbe representatives buy in Lhasa, and how did this affect the development of humanity’s technology? What unique properties do neurons of the human brain have? An unknown kind of brain radiation, which indicates a person’s state and makes it possible to detect his location: as of today, what is yet unknown.

What is the meaning of human life? What is service to the Spiritual World, service to God? What is the freedom of human choice? Why will “this world come to an end when Angels stop coming from it”? Under what conditions will the continuation of humanity’s existence be guaranteed, and how does it depend on the choice and active position of each of us?

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