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Antigravity. Confirmation | Kaleidoscope of Facts 34

Rarely does a person, watching birds soaring freely, not dream of learning how to fly. Just jump and… fly!

Unfortunately, people usually don’t fly. But why?!

This episode of “Kaleidoscope of Facts” is dedicated to finding the answer to this question. In this episode you will learn:

✨ What is antigravity?

✨ Coral Castle. How did Edward Leedskalnin move 30-ton blocks?

✨ Flying machines of the “VRIL” group and the fate of the medium Maria Orsic.

✨ The unknown side of Viktor Schauberger’s life.

✨ The secrets of John Keely. Vibrations that activate the world aether.

✨ The Cortege Effect.

✨ Brilliant discoveries that turned out to be ignored by official science.

✨ Levitation platform of Viktor Grebennikov.

✨ The quantum theory of “snakes”.

✨ The Philadelphia Experiment. What went wrong?

✨ What did Hutchinson discover?

Nowadays science has almost everything it needs to make a quantum leap in its development. The only thing left is to create the conditions for it.


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