Archaeology Time Cucuteni–Trypillian Culture

Signs and symbols are all around us, they’re everywhere we go. And the further we’re looking into our past, the more we get to see the pattern. We see the same signs, the same symbols across civilizations. And It’s truly amazing to have this opportunity to dive deeper into the true meanings of these symbols.

The symbol that we are all familiar with is Allatra. We see the moon, and we see the crescent. This symbology we see throughout the civilizations.

The sign Allatra is very common within Cucuteni–Trypillian pottery. If we were to look at the book Allatra, these signs, these symbols are explained individually and that’s key, because you need to understand each symbol first before you can put them together to understand the bigger picture.

We’re constantly getting the information and emails and messages and just daily communications about seeing the signs and symbols. But we need more help!

Please let’s get involved, let’s communicate, let’s engage with each other, sending your examples, sending photos, videos, links, that would be great.

Please email us, put the subject as “Archeology time”.

Together we can start creating and start studying, we will start to see common values, this deeper connection with each other.
Let’s dive deeper, and truly discover what it means to be a creative society!


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