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Are there prophetic dreams?

“I wonder whether there are prophetic dreams?” Nikolai Andreevich started talking again. “Or is it just work of the psyche by way of forecasting future events?”

“Prophetic dreams certainly exist. If a person has enough personal spiritual power or if he is tied to someone with the force of Love, his brain can spontaneously adapt to that frequency that coincides with future events. He then receives this data in a dream, so to say ‘directly’, bypassing analysis. But later, giving out this data, his psyche participates in direct processing of the information. That is why we can see events not in their pure state but in their interpreted version on the basis of our emotions, experiences, former impressions, images, and so on…”

“You know, I had a prophetic dream once,” Stas started to tell about his life experience.

For a long time we talked about different oddities in this world and about its amazing occurrences. We recalled stories connected with it and listened to the simple and, at the same time, unusual narrations of Sensei about the mysterious human psyche and its unlimited abilities. Only at daybreak did we finally go to bed.

Strangely enough, either because I had heard so many things at once or for some other reason, that morning I had an unusual dream. It was bright and emotional. The most important thing was that I had never had such a dream before. I felt as though my consciousness was floating above the Earth, observing from above everything that was happening in the world. At first, everything was quiet and peaceful. But then I became kind of uneasy and frightened, as if I was expecting something. And then, I noticed a bright red star that was descending from the tops of high, snow-white mountains in the East. This star drew nearer and quickly grew in size. A transparent trail followed in its wake. The closer it came to me, the more space this trail covered, changing the world and making its outlines blurry and translucent. When I looked more closely, I saw that everything that got captured by the trail was boiling over, growing in force, as if nature itself rebelled against human civilisation. Exploding volcanoes shook the Earth with their rumble. Enormous waves arose in the middle of oceans and quickly worked their way towards megalopolises. Fires stormed where water wasn’t accessible. Winds twisted huge tornadoes, destroying everything in their path. It was as if nature had brought down upon the humankind all the negative force that was produced by people during all the existence of civilisation. I became frightened and closed my eyes. When I opened them, I saw myself standing in the middle of an amazingly magnificent field with various beautiful flowers. The star was still approaching rapidly, changing the space behind itself. I looked back. Behind me were cities full of unsuspecting people. And all of this unrelenting force was approaching them.

When the star got very close, I made out that it was – a Horseman. His attire and armour were made of pure gold which gleamed brightly and shone like red fire. Even His horse was covered with a horse blanket made out of fine platings of pure gold. The dazzling clothes completely hid the Horseman, leaving only his eyes visible. In his hand, He held a spear. At the end of the spear, there was a flag depicting a bud of a lotus on it, inside which was a pyramid, an eye, and also some hieroglyphs and pictures. The Horseman streaked on his horse across a huge field of beautiful flowers.

Suddenly, at full clip, the Red Horseman sharply pulled the reins, halting the horse. And that’s when I saw His gaze which seemed extremely familiar to me. The Horseman’s attention was caught by a modest forget-me-not with five sky-blue petals. He dismounted from the horse and bent over the flower, as if examining and admiring it. And as soon as the Horseman dismounted, all the element forces started to cease and calm down. Only a light echo of this huge force, which moved after the warrior, made it to the cities. For me, this was puzzling – why was such a mighty Horseman stopped by this ordinary-looking flower? When in fact, there was a whole field of the biggest, most beautiful flowers around him. And did He stop for a long?

Even when I woke up, the feeling of reality of this dream did not leave me. These two questions were imprinted distinctly in my memory. Certainly, I had had dreams before, but I had never had a dream so real, so full of sensations and emotions. And the most important thing was that in the dream everything was absolutely clear, I knew the real meaning of all that was happening, I knew that it was very important. But when I woke up, I could not recall in any way what it meant and how to comprehend it. The only things that remained were bright emotional impressions and those two questions which simply burned into my memory.This dream really intrigued me with its uniqueness. At first, I thought that my brain had just shown me yesterday’s information this way. But nobody had even mentioned the things in my dream in such detail. This kind of puzzled me.

I chose a moment when all the guys went swimming and approached Sensei. He was standing in shallow waters, gradually getting used to the water temperature. Taking advantage of his solitude, I began to tell him my strange dream, lamenting the fact that I could not recall its meaning. I only remembered that it was very important for me. Contrary to my expectations that he would fully decode this dream from physiological and philosophical points of view, Sensei only smiled and, looking at me mysteriously, said, “The time will come, and you will find out everything.”

From the book “Sensei” by A. Novykh

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