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Arnold Schwarzenegger answered AllatRa TV on the questions within the framework of the project “Society. The Last Chance”

What unites all people in the world internally, regardless of nationality, religion, or faith? What do we all have in common?

What kind of society you want to live in a peaceful society or society where there are wars?

“I think that basically people are meant to be peaceful, it’s just that politics, and religion sometimes, divide us people intentionally, they want us to be very careful of that. So we have shown in California that you can live side by side and you can be friends and you can get along even though you have different opinions, politically, religiously, different colors and everything different, but you can get along, you can live together and work together.

Obviously everyone wants to live in a peaceful society”

On October 4, 2019 the participants of ALLATRA International Public Movement visited the Synergy Global Forum in St. Petersburg

AllatRa TV

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