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Excerpts from the books & TV

I want to experience Him

“Valera, would you like to ask something?” “Yes,” he answered firmly. Those standing alongside froze with bated breath. Valera was looking straight into Sensei’s eyes. Perhaps,...

The states of “unfounded” aggression

Anastasia: And in what ways does the Animal nature cause the so-called states of “unfounded” aggression in a person?Rigden: The states of "unfounded" aggression...

Harbingers of the last days and what can humanity do to survive

Which predictions on the last days are coming true today? What kind of future will humanity choose? Who is the Judge which will come at the last days? Who and what for differentiates people by religions? What hampers humankind to manage an issue of poverty, hunger, and lack of drinking water? What can really unite people and why the system is terrified of it?

Our future depends on social responsibility of each of us

Part 4. Climate problems do not depend on human activity. How can social responsibility of all people in the world help us survive during the global climate change? Is there any connection between people’s spiritual development and people’s survival? People shift the responsibility to religions, governments, and scientists. But there is a simple question: will they care about us? The world will change when each human stops being afraid…

End of Times or Golden Millennium depends on people’s choice

Part 3. What is the meaning of humanity’s existence in this world. Most people do not believe in the End Times. The system doesn't allow people to see what is going on outside. The world is changing dramatically. Shall we go on living as we live now or shall we unite and live as one spiritual family during the times of the crossroads? The End of Times or the Golden Millennium - people will get what they choose.

What is happening to the world – global climate change is inevitable

Part 2. Global climate change on the planet is inevitable. What is happening to the world and to humanity now? Why humanity doesn't want to think about the future of the planet? Why do people have more than 80% of totally negative thoughts. Do we need prophecies? Facts about comet Shoemaker–Levy 9, Hale-Bopp comet, December 21, 2012.

Natural Disasters and Global Cimate Change in 2018

Part 1. Global climate change is the ultimate reality of today. A list of natural disasters that rocked our planet for just one year. How much time does humanity have to unite and survive in the era of global cataclysms?

Why does the system often use images?

Very often, they see the Virgin Mary as a quick helper, but again, in the majority of cases, it is precisely a creation of Mary’s antipode. That means the consciousness uses a familiar image to anchor people exactly in the material.

What exactly pushes a person to judge someone

What exactly pushes a person to judge someone?

On the meaning of happiness and spiritual development

The text of the programme "Freedom from Beast’s Dictatorship within Yourself".   Part 11.