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Aspiration to Live

The future begins today. If we had been heard, rather than criticized, at least 10 years ago, imagine what we could have already done together. Would water be washing away our cities now? Would our homes be burning? Would earthquakes be destroying our civilization? No, friends, we as humanity would already have all this under control. But we as human beings have found neither the strength nor intelligence to hear those who are like us. Instead, we have found the strength to laugh, to criticize, and to support those who fought against ALLATRA. After all, the Knowledge about climate change and many other things that we now have in the Creative Society were brought to the Creative Society by volunteers of ALLATRA.

Recall our forums, and you will see that we talked a lot about the fact that in reality the climate Cerberus is already here, that it is changing our lives totally and completely, and it will be even worse if all of us together do nothing right now. We’re already simply stating the facts. The majority of people do not understand the current situation in the world and live according to a stereotypical pattern. Although such things are happening every day that a little more time will pass, and we will have nothing left to say. That’s when this understanding will finally reach everyone.

And those who try to remain in power by any means, secret power which controls the whole world like a spider, pulling the strings, expect that this time, like the previous times, everything will somehow improve by itself. It won’t! Look at the progression. After all, it is only next year that we will enter the real climate change and this real cycle. But look at this year, look at past years, and draw a conclusion.

This is our world, and a lot depends on our choice! First of all, on the choice of who we are. Are we human beings? Are we capable of unity and of normal human actions? Do we have an aspiration to live? Are we capable of saving this world at all, or do we all want to share the same fate as Mars? The future begins today.

Videos with Igor Mikhailovich Danilov

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