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Authority or Love? What All the Prophets Said?

What did the prophets say about the authority of one person over another? Authority and hierarchy: why did they become possible in our world? People are God’s slaves: is this what the prophets taught?
What is the most important commandment Jesus gave to people? What does a person give in exchange for having authority?

00:00 – Why shouldn’t there be an authority of one person over another in our world? When you love, can you have power over a person?
00:51 – From whom do authority and hierarchy originate? Why did people build a society based on authority?
01:23 – Whose slaves are people in reality: God’s or the devil’s? Who did Jesus call people who love the Lord?
02:21 – What is the most important commandment? What did Jesus say about it?
02:52 – When does a person become part of the Spiritual World? Does God love him?
03:45 – To love all things in existence is one of the main commandments in Zoroastrianism
04:08 – The New Commandment given by Christ: “Love one another”. What is its novelty?
04:42 – Why are people divided even within one religion?
06:26 – What did Jesus Christ say about authority among people?
07:02 – Don’t aspire to rule. Why is it so, and what does a person give in exchange for power and authority?
07:32 – People are called to freedom. What is the freedom which Jesus gave us?
08:03 – Why did none of the prophets ever take the burden of authority?
08:46 – Truth that all the prophets spoke
09:15 – Was there a hierarchy among the disciples of Jesus and Muhammad?
10:38 – Did Jesus know that Judas would betray him, and why did He make this sacrifice?

Watch the full version of the video “WHAT THE PROPHETS DREAMED OF” with the participation of Igor Mikhailovich Danilov, an excerpt of which is contained herein.



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