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We live in a time of uncertainty, the time of the Crossroads, when a lot depends on everyone’s choice. Why is there an attitude in people’s consciousness that “you are nobody, you are nothing, you should sit idly and trust in someone else”? Why do we constantly blame and shift responsibility onto someone else instead of taking action ourselves? Why nowadays, in this silent society, a society without its own opinion, is there continuous fighting and incitement of hatred against one another at the time when the world is crumbling? Yes, we want to live! Yes, we also have this impulse, but it doesn’t express itself in anything other than desire in our heads and chatter in the kitchen.

It is time for us to become Humans, face the problem in a sensible way, to make a mature decision and start saving the whole world, the way a real Human being should. We are humanity, after all. It’s hard to do it alone, but together we will be able to do it. It is up to each of us to decide what we will choose. The future is in the hands of each of us!

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