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Benefits of the Creative Society | Kaleidoscope of Facts 22

Every human dreams of living in a happy and safe world, where love and mutual respect prevail. So why have we existed for thousands of years in a society torn apart by endless wars, hunger, and violence?

It’s time for a change! In episode 22 of the international research project Kaleidoscope of Facts, we’ll examine the benefits of the Creative Society.

This format will:

  • quickly change healthcare, education, and science for the better
  • provide everyone with comfortable housing, quality food, and free energy
  • free people from hard physical labor
  • eradicate corruption, inflation, and crises
  • allow us to cope with all environmental and climate threats

Friends, if we all want to live in peace and love, what is stopping us from doing it? Join the Creative Society project – this is the only way we can ensure a happy future for ourselves and our children!

The International Online Forum “Global Crisis. We are People. We Want to Live” 



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