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Beyond Consciousness

What is the system? What is consciousness? What does consciousness look like, and does it have an image? Why do researchers encounter serious problems when studying consciousness in depth? How is the brain connected with consciousness and Personality? Who “thinks” in a human? How does an image emerge? Is it possible to understand what the system looks like, by means of consciousness? How to study the system? Why will the system never give answers that are beyond its perception, such as “What is the world of God?”, “How to gain Life?”, “How to become an angel?”

How does consciousness influence a human through images? Why, for example, in religions, when a person does not understand who he is, who God is, who the devil is, and so on, does his consciousness begin to look for an earthly image and present it in a fairytale form? Examples of spiritual knowledge in religions and its perversion by consciousness. How and when did the “antichrist” emerge? What do the Islamic prophecies about the end of times mean, when the Beast will come from under the ground, from the Earth’s bowels, and speak to everyone in an unusual language? How to understand that in the time of Mahdi, Jesus will defeat the antichrist? How did consciousness turn what is Eternally Alive into material images and fiction?


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