Primordial physics

Beyond the Quantum Limit. Episode 1. Exploring the PRIMORDIAL ALLATRA PHYSICS Report

In 2015 the PRIMORDIAL ALLATRA PHYSICS report was published.

In a series of science-educational programmes called “Beyond the Quantum Limit“, a group of independent researchers decided to familiarize themselves with this Report in greater detail and to examine its content.

The fact is that Modern Science now has a considerable amount of research data on the nature of the world around us. For example, new Elementary Particles and Chemical Elements have been discovered, the discretion of Energy Absorption and Radiation has been revealed, etc.

Thanks to the results of Modern Science, we have the opportunity to examine the Information of this Report more in detail.

But at the same time, thanks to advanced Research Methods, more and more unexplained Phenomena and unexpected Results are emerging, and facts and anomalies are emerging that do not fall within the scope of generally accepted models, Theories and Hypotheses.

We are pleased to invite all curious specialists from different fields of science to jointly analyze the information in the PRIMORDIAL ALLATRA PHYSICS Report.

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