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Can consciousness hide behind illnesses and create dangerous situations?

Question: the body does not always cope on the path of spiritual development. And, as a rule, it manifests itself in the form of diseases. This can be the action of some other-worldly entities (there was experience as such), but there is a suspicion that this is more a work of consciousness. Can consciousness hide behind illnesses and create situations dangerous to health and life?

(2:27:25-2:33:50) Consciousness does not care what tools to use to enslave the Personality. But most often – it’s psychosomatic manifestations, that is, far-fetched diseases. Serious diseases, viruses and other similar things, the primary consciousness does not form, because it is not an enemy to itself.

I had an experience when the primary consciousness was hiding behind such “phantom” diseases. It is interesting that at first it actively formed some fictitious disease, and then itself was afraid of future consequences. Unfortunately, I did not immediately recognize the enemy and took the fear of disease for reality. But at some point, I realized that this is just an instrument that my mind actively uses to make me pay attention to the illusion. It was a banal struggle, and while I joined it, it continued. But as soon as I would turn my attention to Love – all these far-fetched problems immediately disappeared, like a ghostly mirage.

However, it is important to understand that the spiritual path does not lead to the healing of the body. The expression “healthy mind in a healthy body” is an imposed setting from the mind. Just like the fact that a holy man should be completely healthy. And then the question arises: why canonize those saints who suffered from various mental and physical disorders? This gives a contradiction.

It is important to understand that: “matter is material, and spiritual is spiritual.” Yes, on the one hand the body is a prison for the Personality. Moreover, a prison with a bad cellmate, because our mind is a bad friend who constantly wants to benefit from us. And, unfortunately, you can not get away from it while you are in the body. That is why consciousness can create various obstacles, problems, including in the form of diseases.

But this will continue until we react to them. If we respond to all these tricks with even greater love and spiritual zeal, then the consciousness will understand that the more it pushes, the more will lose its power over the Personality. And it will stop this practice and start to approach with a carrot, but not with a whip. For example, it will start forming self-conceit based on pride, telling that the person is already an angel. But this is also not good. Or vice versa, will assure you that you are weak, you can not do anything. And in doing so, it will encourage us to do spiritual practices. But as soon as a person tries to dive – there will immediately appear 10 thoughts from the category: “what did you eat, where did you go, what will you do tomorrow,” and so on.

However, there are times when bad health is not an argument for the Personality. Then the secondary consciousness starts to pass some micro-impulses, pictures, that in a life-threatening situation, the Personality will not have time to react. In other words, consciousness attempts to substitute the Personality, trying to use it as an instrument of physical salvation or healing.

For example, you need to be very alert when you are behind the wheel, especially if the mind suggests doing spiritual practice, just relax. Contrary to the law of self-preservation, consciousness can dictate individuals something like that and even is ready to go to injury, just to manipulate Personality using this situation later.

There is time for spiritual practices. Spiritual practice is a spiritual practice. For it should be allocated a certain time. It is impossible to drive a car and, for example, train a dog. It’s just not right. Consciousness must clearly draw a framework and not allow to enter the “red line”. It must perform its functions. And the car should be driven by consciousness – Personality does not sit behind the wheel. And something can happen only through the action of consciousness, so the Personality needs to be watchful, always.

Igor Mikhailovich: How does the Personality work? After all, the Personality, by virtue of certain laws, directly contacts the primary consciousness. But again, the secondary consciousness, human, it dictates the primacy, that is, the primary consciousness, and tells, shows pictures, and then the primary consciousness presents all this already to the Personality …

But when a person receives a certain degree of freedom, working on himself, he begins to dictate already and say what to do with this primate consciousness. Well, in this way it controls completely consciousness. So is it possible to defeat the devil? It is not only possible, but necessary. And first and foremost, you need to defeat yourself. In all you will not win. In all – this is everyone’s business. And again we returned to where we started. Having conquered in yourself, you changed your world. It is very important. But when there are many such people, society changes. Well then, the power as a whole is lost, I mean the power of Satan, and society is liberated. Well, this is the dream of any normal society. That is how it should be”.


Most valuable, I realized: consciousness is a real enemy, which does not care what happens to me. It does not care how or what to frighten the Personality with. And it really is ready to do anything, just to prolong its existence. At first, it manipulated various, often far-fetched diseases, then, after the release of the program of the Invisible World and Suicide. After death, it became terribly afraid of all these invisible manifestations. And after watching the experiment shown in the video Murder in the distance. Resurrection of the dead, I not only saw, but also felt that consciousness is ready to do anything, even to the death of the physical body. It does not care what happens to the Personality. It fights for itself.

And I finally felt how wonderful it is to Live! What a happiness it is to be alive. Live in Love, Happiness and Joy. For this, nothing is needed – just abandon the games of consciousness and turn towards the Light. It’s very simple, you just need to choose Life and dip into the immeasurable ocean of Love.

Love with internal freedom is immeasurable happiness. This is what erases all boundaries and eliminates all fears. Then there can’t be neither the fear of the death of the body or anything else, because a person realizes that he can not die. But it only comes when he gets freedom. And he gets freedom only when the main goal in his life is to find this aspiration, and when he is focused on life. Then he finds it. That is, when most of the forces given to the acquisition of life are spent on acquiring life.

From the program “Questions and answers. Meeting of ALLATRA IPM participants with Igor Mikhailovich DANILOV

The questions were answered by Igor Mikhailovich Danilov

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