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Cancer, technology, medicine of the future | Opinion of oncologist Jeffrey Long

With the current level of medical advancement and the adoption of high technology, why do cancer rates continue to rise and claim the lives of millions of people each year? Is cancer a sentence or is there a way out?

In the first international interview, the team of the project “Health Navigator” asked for answers from the experts.

To understand these important questions, we were happy to help Jeffrey Long from the United States – an oncologist, radiologist, writer and author of the book “Proof of Life After Death”.

Jeffrey has been a doctor and researcher for over 35 years and has extensive experience in studying cancer.

It was very interesting to hear a professional’s opinion on the following topics:

  • What is the increase in cancer in the world and what are the major causes of these diseases in people
  • Are there ways to prevent cancer?
  • Does the environment, food quality have an impact on cancer incidence?
  • Can negative thoughts cause cancer
  • What new cancer treatments are available and if there are positive results
  • What are the benefits and risks of implementing artificial intelligence in medicine
  • What conditions should exist in society so that high technology is available to everyone and serves people well?
  • Medicine in the Creative Society as seen by professionals
  • What can we do today to ensure that everyone lives a healthy and happy life in a safe world

Today mankind faces global threats and we are all on the brink of survival. Climate disasters are increasing across the planet, the ecosystem is destroyed, our planet is dying, and we are all suffering and dying in the inhumane consumerist format of society that has brought us to a dead end.

There is a way out, and it is found by the people themselves – it is the construction of the Creative Society, in which human beings and all people live worthily and happily in the first place. Only in a society, where human life is of the highest value and all technologies serve exclusively for the benefit of people, can the necessary conditions be created for the salvation and survival of mankind, for a comfortable life of everyone at a time of global climatic disasters.

A Creative Society is our only real solution, and already millions of people around the world are acting together, understanding that the future of all humanity and our planet depends on it.  Join us, friends! Together we will build the world that everyone dreams of, and live safely and securely.

Join us, friends! Together we will build the world that everyone dreams of, and live safely and securely.


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