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Catharsis of Humanity

Creative Society is the deepest catharsis of the entire humanity. We need to realize who we are, what we are, where we came from, and how to get out of this dead end. People begin to understand, to see clearly and tell the Truth — that all of us live in a world that is worse than hell, where people have ceased to be human, where we have been immobilized and turned into slaves. Why do some people understand what is happening, while others do not see what is obvious? Why does every person have a desire to rule the whole world? Why do lies keep many people in their shackles? Why is a human in a state of incessant fight for survival, thinking only about a piece of bread, how to pay off loans and so on? Is this really life?

Why do some people understand what the Creative Society is needed for, while others are not even interested in what is happening above their heads and under their feet, how the climate is rapidly changing and what threat this poses to all of humanity in the near future? Сreative Society is a lifeboat during a storm, for everyone, for the entire humanity. We are all people, this is our world, and this is one big boat. So we should all find a common language, start everything from a clean slate, and then there will really be peace and order. But for that, a catharsis of the entire humanity is needed.

Videos with Igor Mikhailovich Danilov


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