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Catharsis or manipulation by consciousness?

An inseparable part of working on yourself is exposing the system. As they call it in groups – “Hand over the Animal Beginning”. More than once I had to hear how the guys expose their minds, and did it myself more than once. But I could not even think that by “exposing consciousness,” I continue to feed it…

Now I will try to explain what I mean. Previously believed that expose a consciousness is heroism! Not every person is capable of this. For a long time I did not dare to do it. There was a strong appraisal fear. But when I overcame it, I have experienced a feeling of the second substitution – euphoria: “Oh, how cleverly I hand over to the beast,” falsely accepting this state for freedom. Only later I realized that this is nothing but the same notorious pride. The state of “joy” from the revealing the beast was very sweet and extolled my person over other people. This was an excuse to feel “spiritual”, higher, steeper than the rest.

The next substitution is a desire to blame the person to whom you surrender your consciousness. That is, I did not like someone’s behavior towards my person. The way of expressing this discontent was the alleged exposure of “his thoughts” on this matter. But this revelation sounded in reproachful form, with a secret desire to influence the person so that he realized “his wrongfulness” and began to justify himself. Again, the basis is the same pride and desire to dominate.

Another substitution for surrender of consciousness is the desire that a person begins to dissuade my consciousness and justify. That is, to say that I’m not that bad, that I have a lot of good, that everyone has such thoughts. It seems to be true, but here lies the fear of me to be judged by another person. The desire to whitewash myself at his expense. Some manipulation to be praised and justified through the surrender of my consciousness. If this happens, then the mind remains happy and content with its previous positions. If my consciousness has not received that, then there is an attack in the form of accusations of the very consciousness. “Why did you do it? What does a person think about you now … … That is, again I came to the same pride ..

Of course, these substitutions can be many more, but I describe only those that I encountered myself. I will be grateful if you share your observations in the comments.

And in the end I want to describe the surrender of the animal, in which the Personality really gets real freedom. This is when I have a need to expose something that I do not consider as my own, which is imposed on me, in order to enslave me as a Personality. When the most important thing is to separate myself from the dead. While saying this, I realize and feel that it is not me. And it does not matter at all what the minds of other people will think about my consciousness. This is their choice and their personal work on themselves. After all, if there is a shame or any expectations, then I associate myself with consciousness. In this case manipulation by my pride will be engaged on its (consciousness) part. To determine what’s going on here, it is enough to ask yourself the question: “Why am I doing this now?” If there is no desire to blame, to show my “spirituality” and “work on myself,” there is no desire to get excuses from another person – then this is my decision as a Personality! Then I feel lightness, joy, gratitude, Love and Freedom! In such cases, the exposure of consciousness becomes an effective tool for me as a Personality on the path of Spiritual development.

It is important to remember that consciousness also wants to eat and starts pushing its programs, disguising itself as a “highly spiritual” artist. At the same time, exposing ostensibly itself, it continues to manipulate the Personality. Therefore, the main thing is to be honest with yourself! Honestly see the main message of every action. After all, work on yourself begins with honesty with yourself and ruthlessness towards the system. This is what gives the true Freedom to which every person aspires to from the very birth!

P.S. After watching the last program “It’s Coming“, I have realized that’s enough is enough and I should stop to talk with my mind, justify it, listen to its false beliefs, defend it and cover it, be ashamed to denounce it. There is no time for this, nor desire! These masks become so ugly and alien that to drop them is a great Good and Happiness! There is a clear desire to be Free, to be in Love! I have only this moment – and at this very moment I’m Alive, I Feel and Love … And in this present moment there is no place for false consciousness! In it is only room for God!

Author: Yana

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