Shadow control

Accessibility of magic: reality or a trap? Shadow Control. Eyewitness Stories. Alexander

When a person is interested in something mystical, it is important to be vigilant. One has to pay for a desire to gain supernatural abilities, and the price is exorbitantly high. Your life will turn into suffering and pain. You will not find peace either day or night. Your life will be in the hands of shadows.

Watch in this episode of Shadow Control:

  • A life story of a person who got tempted by an illusion of being chosen
  • Consequences of engaging in magic
  • How do carelessness and success in affairs give place to depression and a suicide attempt?
  • What can a desire to gain supernatural abilities lead to?
  • How do shadows gradually seize control over a person?

Be vigilant and control your desires!

Attention! Since the Shadow Control project is aimed at studying magic, extrasensory perception and otherworldly phenomena, and also remembering the unshakeable law that every person has the right of choice and can engage in whatever he or she wants, comments to this project are disabled. We regard them as unnecessary and often biased towards the participants of this project. It’s impossible to study anything from the outside!

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