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Chemical Metrology with Researcher Banan Elsied from Sudan

Banan Elshiekh Elsied graduated from the University of Khartoum (Republic of Sudan) in 2015 with MS Analytical Chemical Sciences.

Her research analysis includes validation and quality control analysis, safety in the laboratory, water analysis and many more. She has published multiple publications on the pharmaceutical topics and her investigations includes chromatography methods and spectrofluorometer. Sounds interesting, does it?

This interview will cover scientific and creative part of Banan Elsied and will answer to the following questions:

  • Is there any research on how chemicals affect human health. Are there any ways to regulate the chemicals on the international level?
  • Is it possible to test food quality at home?  Can you tell us about simple and affordable ways of testing food in dangerous substances?
  • From the program “How not to catch a coronavirus” on Allatra TV, we know clove, licorice root and wormwood can help the immune system from the virus? What kind of control substances for viruses are being done today
  • In order for science to be efficient without artificial barriers and financial dependence of grants what conditions should be created today for the science benefit?
  • How do you envision Chemistry and Biochemistry in a Creative Society?

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