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Christopher (Germany) about a creative society. “The future is now” project on the ALLATRA platform

The creative and constructive society. This concept has become widely used in contrast to the consumer society.

Consumption is a word that everyone understands and knows. Something that fully describes a person’s attitude to the world around them and the current state of the world. What do we mean by Creation and how do we imagine a Creative and Constructive society?

In order for each of us not to dream about it quietly, as something ephemeral and fabulous, and so that everyone could express their opinion out loud – “THE FUTURE IS NOW” project has been launched.

As part of this project, the AllatRa IPM volunteers conduct opinion polls all around the world in their free from work time, in which people can express their views on what kind of society they would like to live in!

In this sociological survey within the framework “THE FUTURE IS NOW” project Christopher from Germany shares his view on current state of our society, and how we all can achieve creative and constructive society.

Christopher says that economic system that we have now should be changed and that it doesn’t matter how many hours you work – the most important is so this job would bring you joy.

All people want to live in peace and no one want to have wars.

Such topics which is raised by the AllatRa Movement participants it is vitally important and it is one of the ways to inform people about the constructive model of development of our society.

Let us now declare our choice of the future, the future in which we want to live tomorrow. Share your insights, experiences, and ideas with people today, and tomorrow this model of society will not be only a dream, but a reality for everyone.

I choose a Creative and Constructive society, and you?

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