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Climate 2021: Powerful Floods and Storms in Europe. Abnormal Snowfalls and Temperature Records

  • From June 5 to 15, 2021, residents of northern Spain suffered severe storms, rain and hail
  • Stratovolcano Etna in Italy has become increasingly active lately
  • Summer thunderstorms with heavy rain, squalls and hail occurred in Greece
  • Sydney recorded its lowest temperature in 37 years
  • Heavy rains hit the city of Ankara in Turkey. Basements and first floors of some buildings were flooded
  • Southeast Australia recorded heavy rainfall and a sharp drop in temperature
  • In the Indian city of Mumbai, nearly half the monthly norm fell in 12 hours
  • Newfoundland Island in Canada received a cold snap and rare unseasonal snowfall
  • Flooding in Amazonas, Brazil, was the heaviest in 119 years
  • A state of emergency was declared in southeast Arkansas, USA, due to flooding.

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