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Climate. Adaptation or Urgent Resuscitation?

Today, the world mass media, politicians from various countries, opinion leaders, as well as scientists are echoing from all rostrums, as if copying each other, that “we need to adapt to climate change,” that is, to somehow “adapt in response to the expected impact of climate.” Expected?! At a time when nowadays, a series of earthquakes, floods and extreme weather events SUDDENLY and UNPREDICTABLY occur across the world almost every day. You know, it becomes simply ridiculous how people do not see the avalanche-like cascading progression in the increase of the number of cataclysms on the planet due to sharp warming of the ocean and the inevitability of an impending tremendous disaster for humanity and the entire planet in the coming years.

We can draw an analogy that in the current situation when, excuse me, our patient (the world ocean) is dying, we are being told, “It needs to be adapted to the current situation instead of being treated.” Why is this happening? Because of a psychological mindset of the consumerist format: when everything is relatively fine in one’s little world or there is hope for profit, people turn a blind eye to what is coming. They try to preserve the dominant image of their “bright future” which gets shattered against this very SUDDEN reality. However, nothing can be done anymore AFTERWARDS, and time cannot be rewound. Such is life. Yet, this is not a reason to give up, but it’s a reason to activate our brains, think and unite all efforts for a joint resuscitation effort on saving our planet — the only place of residence for our fragmented human community.

Videos with Igor Mikhailovich Danilov

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