Climate Anxiety. You Need to Know About This!

Psychology. Discovering the Truth

The conditions of modern life can hardly be called favorable. Crises, wars, and epidemics give people a hard time. Life is filled with stress and anxiety about the future. People seek stability to find peace and confidence in tomorrow. But can today’s format of society provide that comfort?

Climatic changes on our planet have taken away the peace of billions of people, and for millions, it has taken away not only all their possessions but also their lives! This new episode of the “Psychology. Discovering the Truth” project will focus on climate anxiety:

0:00:00 Episode overview

2:04 Anxious states that people experience due to climate change. Why are psychotherapy methods ineffective?

8:25 Climate anxiety is a warning bell for all of humanity

12:48 What was happening in Türkiye after the earthquake? What did people face?

22:51 The state of fear and helplessness in the face of natural disasters

29:39 The only way to protect your life

33:50 Overcoming climate anxiety. Where to start?

42:40 Why is it necessary for people to unite? What problems does it solve? (Prospects in the Creative Society)

50:59 How to build a safe society for our children? 2 simple steps for every person

There are still a number of gaps in psychology, which hinder effective solutions to people’s needs.

So, friends, let’s get to the bottom of relevant issues together and discover the Truth together!

Send your questions and suggestions to the project’s email at and write in the comments.

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