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Climate Change: Cyclicity of Cataclysms and Global Migration. International Conference

– Cyclicity is the true cause of climate change.
– What are the problems related to climate change that people around the world are already facing?
– Are natural disasters all over the planet a problem of the distant future and future generations, or is it a reality that is already happening before our eyes?
– Is this a problem for individual countries or for all of us?
– Climate refugees. What are people facing on all continents right now and what can we expect in the near future?
– Where should we, humanity, direct our attention in view of the upcoming global cataclysms?

Conference “CLIMATE. FUTURE NOW ” was launched on April 13, 2019 in the Czech Republic, where scientists and experts from various fields, witnesses of climate disasters and caring people from more than 30 countries joined online.

Conferences on the ALLATRA IPM platform are organized by volunteers and allow everyone to connect from any corner of the world online via internet. We invite scientists, experts, witnesses of climate change and all concerned people from all over the world to participate in conferences.
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